Kids Cursing Before Learning Alphabet

A new book says English-speakers use swear words about once every 140 words.
2:54 | 04/15/13

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Transcript for Kids Cursing Before Learning Alphabet
All right time now for the Nixon lets talk about -- and -- all -- facts here most kids cursing before they learn the alphabet you're kidding -- hearing it from. -- yeah you gotta wonder -- mom and dad and their Brothers and sisters are supposed. Were outraged that that nine times out of -- he's so right battling absolutely right down this is according the Daily Mail and live by the way America English speakers. He's curse words about once every 140. Words did you know that. The middle class tends to curse less than the wealthy did you know that. That's interesting yes aristocrats apparently have to secure position in society so they actually correct let me say there -- you -- no lawyer -- cards appear you. In the middle -- -- -- its drivers that he wanted to get back I remember remind my daughter -- ground for five she busted out the F bottle. What did you you know I didn't say anything -- you know what she said Ryan and I and then I asked everybody said what's the idea. Ignore it that's against mr. -- -- off. Here's the good news for eighties I have a little extra weight around the middle it turns that if you carry a badly your bones are stronger women -- a little bit more of a belly apparently have more estrogen. And the estrogen that that hormone is good for the -- out here's the bad news for men. This doesn't translate rockabilly -- fundamentally is not good visited the fact that. Yeah. -- -- Talk about bodies and body shapes. Barbie are running out belly -- double apparently the -- -- would look quite odd. If she were a real person's scent -- numbers -- quite shocking that they've figured out -- With the two inches -- larger than the average US woman's head her waist -- he nineteen inches small forward her -- in the eleven inches smaller. But wasted before inches thinner than -- it's all kinds of news media who were skinny ankles and childlike it would make it necessary -- to walk on all. That's enough to drop should follow. Our -- -- prevail on the apparatus under the brilliant criminal a man who stole a 3200 dollar engagement ring. Slowly bit as he was trying to get away from -- checked him out. But you know -- -- do what that. About work yeah apparently the police found him that he they have surveillance videos from footage showing that he took the ring and put into his -- He's being held on 50000 dollar bail and apparently they have recovered they have recovered the ring was -- day at the message out I'm afraid sounds. It happens a lot. I'm not raining like somebody about it I got it. I like Bill Murray in. His -- that's -- it's this happen. Long -- -- on FaceBook and at W and and fans not. And on Twitter at ABC WS menus to hash tag daily and -- -- and coming up warnings from ABC.

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{"id":18955669,"title":"Kids Cursing Before Learning Alphabet","duration":"2:54","description":"A new book says English-speakers use swear words about once every 140 words. ","url":"/WNN/video/kids-cursing-learning-alphabet-18955669","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}