Kids weigh in on politics

From Sen. Warren to POTUS to "Nicholas Flamingo," our kid correspondents are giving ABC's Will Ganss their opinions on the current political climate.
4:58 | 10/15/19

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Transcript for Kids weigh in on politics
For than a year for two awards dinner Fortier thirty has The Beatles also revolution. Clamoring for political change and as we gear up for yet another democratic presidential debate tonight once again that youngest generation finding its books. Our own little dance is here with more on what we call kid news know how. The colors yeah. Excited they that can only mean one thing kids it is now. It's important to remember that things aren't always as complicated as they seem and who better to remind us of that than some of our favorite elementary school students. Now further ado our next installment of case is now. Have you guys heard that there's a presidential election happening next year. I thought back yeah. Our belief there. Who do you think could be a good presidents or someone you know or someone you've seen nineteen beauty thing would make an excellent presidents apparently in nineteen. I mean. If he's anything like you I would vote for an Barack Obama is trying. Yeah plan. OK Charlie wants a woman president very Derek I'll again. There. Garrick. Oh. Food like I love I kind of liking me like I love until my tan going to happen. I do again. From news. I liked the global warming the old of course he didn't want to vote for Alan in the morning Franklin borrow trouble can't yet. I felt far and now aren't you. Rather. I think my old friend. Whose gray he was all full train pulled him out and keen my feet. So if next year park Beatty was running for president of the United States would we all vote for our feet plus not so I have some pictures here of some of the people who. Are running and might he. Elected maybe one day I don't have a picture of Derek I didn't know we're going to be talking about him so much does anybody know who this guy is. And bitterness and you don't would you set a cold Nicholas flamingo. Imagine why didn't it it's still fighting to create jobs. Alex he got to cut about. And I really didn't looks nicer. Full of old OK how old to be thinks he has pool. Charlie any guesses. Yeah things that's exactly hell yes. I ready for that excellent. And I you know our village Sheikh and I couldn't remove. Natalie. And ultimately what we like a batter. Below normal president and there's never been a woman pregnant before or gender equality for every war would you wanna hang out there to issue look nice. Loan. The panel. Michael. I don't think day and my you can't. And this my thieving he can make my hair looked like his hair ball. I'm old school and more money back what do we know about trump you Drudge. Clean and try it. In the league in nineteen thank you had a public health. So here's my question when. Voters are going to the polls next year September 43. What do you hope that they'd vote for what do you want for America what's your wish for America. Isabelle Jackson friends and no kidnappers. Bryant Miller have no more hackers if everybody wants to be happy which we do Deanna. Why won't benefit at. I am more lying. And their cousin who schooled. And I want them to in the half he thanked the press music. So a big thanks to basis independent Manhattan for having us and if it can't be. Nicholas let Maine go out at least these kids are making me so hopeful for our future. I RAI. Did notes during that he now I was yeah. But digging and debate orbit. Yeah how little Larry I didn't out that it is they have couple they are worried carried the merits here it is okay. You're gonna come back next. I thought I could tell about. Into Joseph Biden Robert dabbling not Brothers knob 48 of the old. Yet that's how how the hell do you think he is 480 yeah and add these to those last few answers they air I did very quality. Mistakenly given that Alison Alice. And she's got my vote yeah you're like 2057. Or whatever she well I don't have a full wrap. But tonight's debate on tomorrow morning and warnings now we should have those kids do it could save you.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"From Sen. Warren to POTUS to \"Nicholas Flamingo,\" our kid correspondents are giving ABC's Will Ganss their opinions on the current political climate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"66292995","title":"Kids weigh in on politics","url":"/WNN/video/kids-weigh-politics-66292995"}