Kimmel in Brooklyn

ABC News’ Kenneth Moton asks late-night host Jimmy Kimmel the tough questions, like what it’s like hosting his show in the era of President Trump as he takes his show cross-country.
5:00 | 10/22/19

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Transcript for Kimmel in Brooklyn
And we're still on the front end of a very special week here in New York City for the ABC fan lined jammies. Campbell taking his show on the road from LA back to his hometown a Brooklyn yesterday we told you about how we sat down with them but today we wanted you to hear his answers. To some tough questions. Brock Lynne. JK back in the case if you want kicking off another week the shoes of the Brooklyn academy. This is our second home this is my tomorrow I'll go and a leg wide coming back to Brooklyn. We love it here love being here the audience is excited and we get excited and would this beautiful venue were in the Brooklyn Academy of Music he is is a great place to do a show. And we get great guests and we ate like pigs you eat your weeks. Your weight and at least my way to her when you touched down here in New York. Street this pizza we're Iraqi at peet's C out. We tell the kids you know weighty have pizza and Brooklyn and they loved in my son was only two years old did something incredible last night. He bowled that is pizza in half and hated. Who way and I have never been more proud by a little bit tear came yes. Well 91 Bruce Springsteen a eight list celebrity heavy hitters took the stage the boss Bruce Springsteen and are well under Alicia Keys I'm calling it. A journey a journey with psychic gear moved by his side Jamie is promising hijinks anthem surprises. We have a bunch of surprises. Don't even ask what they are Ahmad an athlete cannot tell you. Go ahead net Jamie what's one of the surprise I can't tell OK yet NAVTEQ. The 51 year old late night host in his seventeenth season he's even imagine. Seventeenth season no Jimmy Kimmel Live no you're you're a student of late night greats I know I never amount to only be on the slot it's weird I sometimes think about this so. I've been doing the show for a longer then I went to school. Because if you count kindergarten and then go through high school that's thirteen years and then college which it did. Three years of college. Mostly unsuccessfully. I've now been doing this longer than I went to school which is a very strange thing to think about. The Brooklyn native a student of the late night greats from Carson to Letterman opening up about the challenges of late night in the age of trot. Where in this hyper partisan and Honda bikes that time in our country and its I think for the late night hosts. We go to you through a little levity Wilson comedy as well what's it like to be a late night host. In a time of the top administration and this time hyper partisan atmosphere where right now. We are so focused on what's going on in politics now and maybe that's probably better to be focused on politics rather than nonsense now. It in this particular situation. Will probably. Once this lunatic is out of the White House go back to our regular lives but. In the mean time. It's. Sometimes it's exhausting the trouble there's a made a stop in Lake Charles, Louisiana on Friday where it once again he use all the best words and our constitution. The. Oh. He really is the Abraham Lincoln of our time is an. Are always look at this way we let America decide what we talk about and we decide the way we're going to do you go for me proud to cover it. Yeah I do because all I do and I don't because I do think it makes it harder in some ways but also easier in some ways and I have a friend whose name I won't mention works were one of the cable news channels. Only he took the job there he was kind of despondent he's like. The ratings are great we don't know what we're supposed to be talking about you know and and like like this terrible. Tidal wave in came Donald Trump and just every all that changed the Don lemon. We could say it's in the. It's not Don lemon. I still don't know who that person I have got my guess is that it wasn't Don lemon apparently. Surprisingly dual investing more so had a surprise. Last night I was at the show in Brooklyn and Alicia Keys was on and that is me act and a six. Contact with a Andre who wants your world news now also in the background there I wanted to go to Jamie. Apple's strength and gotten there and how he surprised everyone with tickets seemed to show Barclays for rock the boat and so she was they're performing and it was. Incredible the show what's fun. Tomorrow night unless you think tonight you've got Benedict number backs Kelly rep. On Eddie Murphy later in the week and so we have a lot of phone would you. Clearly and a good job IUI really thoughtful conversation on a lot of levels and like he sent you some fun until I am not you can come back anytime we gotta get right now.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"ABC News’ Kenneth Moton asks late-night host Jimmy Kimmel the tough questions, like what it’s like hosting his show in the era of President Trump as he takes his show cross-country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"66440375","title":"Kimmel in Brooklyn","url":"/WNN/video/kimmel-brooklyn-66440375"}