KimYe's Baby makes Modeling Debut

North West, the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, makes modeling debut at 13 months.
3:23 | 08/15/14

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Transcript for KimYe's Baby makes Modeling Debut
Well it's time -- the skinny on this Friday starting with a super cheap Hollywood newcomer following her. Famous parents right into the spotlight that's right the adorable daughter of Kim -- dash in and Kanye West has made her modeling debut. At just thirteen months old little northwest is appearing with the killer opposed. In an upcoming issue of CR fashioned book a magazine launched by the former editor of French vote. Thank you she didn't notice they're take a close look that's the Chanel day. The little red she ES -- -- neck Cashmere sweater. And the quote they -- in the upper -- says quote it's never too early. To care about fashion so I hope you have deep. Deep pockets mom and dad has given me an expensive they do and you wouldn't expect anything less from their child to have a little Chanel bag and. That's right don't get in stood up Bobby -- -- next step in the final act in San Francisco's legendary Candlestick Park Rihanna last night went to sir Paul McCartney has. His last concert this concert -- was the last public event at the stick. Before gets demolished Nicholas. Kudos to. Candlestick Park golf filling the side of the field -- -- concert back in nineteen. 66. For decades of course it was also the home of the forty -- And the giant island -- San Francisco so I have the pleasure of attending Candlestick Park from its very blustery out there to extend their -- room. Years of beloved icon up until it's great to see Paul McCartney back on tour after that elements earlier this year they treat moving on though Downton Abbey. The supposedly historically accurate British TV series -- that series has made quite a blunder take -- -- here. See if you can spot went out of place in this photo which went quickly viral yesterday from the. Closely check out the plastic water bottle on the mantel -- Fury Vinson said in the twenties though covered a lot of -- were not produced and still in the sixties. And as you can imagine a shot has triggered the and we have a million. -- -- -- -- We only have we got the fans here in. Another eleven to start from 1930s -- in the big screen -- soon we're talking about ready -- -- the animated characters about the star and her first feature length film courtesy of Simon -- -- -- co producing -- -- -- who was last seen doing a cameo in the 1980s you know Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Cowell says he's worked with his share of some major high maintenance -- -- Then move could be the biggest in the wrong I agree to see her back finally there today we -- -- check outs from celebrating every birthday. Topping our celebrity birthday list Britain's -- and turns 64 years old today Ben Affleck turns 42. Singer Joseph Jonas of the Jonas Brothers twentieth had a. And -- Jennifer Lawrence is 24 today happy birthday one -- all.

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{"id":24992742,"title":"KimYe's Baby makes Modeling Debut","duration":"3:23","description":"North West, the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, makes modeling debut at 13 months.","url":"/WNN/video/kimyes-baby-makes-modeling-debut-24992742","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}