Kris Kross Rapper Chris Kelly Dead at 34

An autopsy is scheduled to determine how rapper Chris Kelly died.
4:26 | 05/02/13

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Transcript for Kris Kross Rapper Chris Kelly Dead at 34
-- -- -- Sentencing hearing and unfortunately. We have some bad news report about Criss cross so why half of the duo of Chris crossed Chris Kelly. Has been found dead in his apartment. Believe that I am reporting this 31 years old we are still some incredibly young -- remember him when he wasn't. Teeny tiny baby wearing his clothes backward thinking they were the cutest things they hit this scene is like 1991. Or something and they started this crazy -- -- -- boys and girls and even the adults wearing -- -- doing this wearing there in their hands burned and their shirts and this is the most adorable thing. -- cannot not -- he die autopsy planned for Thursday. Back hanging -- he he was that he would -- what Andy Young his stage name is Mack daddy is. -- was daddy Mac it. All kinds of people are reacting today as and we have. Rapper -- brat saying rest in peace my little bro. She also says were we just rehearsing for the so so -- shows that suggestion that he was still performing you know I think everybody's going to have something to say about this as a really shocking apparently the chief -- editor. Hip hop web site global grind says he's gonna Wear his clothes on backwards tomorrow and on our -- shame they really has 34 years old -- -- We have more on this one I'm sure they are right to have middleman Jennifer Aniston has their wedding plans with just in the road according to us weekly -- She's worried about haven't sort of to compete with -- Brad and Angelina was supposed to get married this summer. So that is the that is according to sources -- us weekly is dead Jeff Branson basically said. Let's delay this thing there was some talk about trying to beat them to the punch but apparently. Her boyfriend -- like that idea so according to the sources. Talking us weekly generous -- and her boyfriend have postponed the wedding for now. Not -- compete with Brad Pitt and Angelina -- -- What do you batting -- Analysts are normal but well within a year unique thing -- can even begin imagine. But back story here obviously that she was married to Brad and this is -- -- a different just because you know she was like this woman who had never beaten she can never hold -- man and -- she can have a baby and Angelina Jolie's that 45 Camden. You know the story -- I'm not who. -- -- rich and famous people problems. Yeah Pastor Wright I mean yes and I love that we still talk about it and they have no Clinton did or didn't matter what she does it's always good always gonna -- -- be there in a tabloid. Always -- all right -- apparently getting married now for the -- -- her wedding about she's done is a -- -- -- She is our action I should say that she is marrying the same ending -- for the fifth time is renewing her -- And she did the same exact thing last year at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris apparently a big elaborate wedding this time though they shut down Disneyland and I can. In Anaheim California to walk down -- for the fifth time coordinator and greet her. Knight in shining armor net and furiously Harry unity here -- got -- my. In fact that I married to this -- -- he is getting quite a beautiful magic carpet rides. I think he's okay marry her every parent. She's awesome and I don't mean I just -- like get up five flights several times and that's OK it's your money he must be -- what -- -- your -- you had -- -- -- I was -- about the best dressed woman in the -- -- -- Out glamour magazine's that's what -- Kristen Stewart apparently for the second year -- the 23 year old twilight star praise for her personal rock chick style. A campaign so what she beat out Harry Potter star Emma Watson and the justice -- -- And I'm I'm nine. Now in Vietnam and I -- going to punish isn't worried cool pictures my parents apparently embracing -- -- of shooting occurred. -- -- check out pat. This is the cover -- the magazine she did a couple of knees that Pawlenty -- -- that one's not really a whole lot of skin like twenty now she's also twenty years old scouting new an album coming out and this is being here is video the federation and she's she -- a whole lot of skin -- that she's just like. -- being one to the other when he's pulling down on her underwear the modeling agency like. The bottom half of her. Tiny little -- -- and that is a lot of studies at Texas. I've got a little pockets 'cause she's a little.

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{"id":19089378,"title":"Kris Kross Rapper Chris Kelly Dead at 34","duration":"4:26","description":"An autopsy is scheduled to determine how rapper Chris Kelly died. ","url":"/WNN/video/kris-kross-rapper-chris-kelly-dead-34-19089378","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}