Krispy Kreme Donuts Gets Sloppy

The restaurant chain now serves a Sloppy Joe sandwich on its glazed doughnuts.
2:54 | 06/10/13

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Transcript for Krispy Kreme Donuts Gets Sloppy
-- -- for the next class starts off time all right yes. Hot breakfast food is. Going to like crazy here -- that crispy cream introducing these sloppy NGOs sandwich. That is a sloppy -- sandwich on the gleaned. Don't have this I got a -- hasn't who have Friday's national -- I think it does and there -- -- just suffering for the state here's a limited time it's not going to be available for speaking reference but I love that -- chef. Is known as California's deep tracking a -- and applicants I love doughnuts I love sloppy -- I don't want sloppy -- on a -- that looks kind of nasty -- Probably nothing you could save time it's desert and dinner mom wrapped up -- -- -- -- you save some time to put. But this -- -- on the side elsewhere that down and enough about my -- How then OK all right this talk about was sticking with food at this sushi restaurant in New York it's called the sushi guess who that's one of the most acclaimed Japanese sushi restaurants in now Manhattan and death is trying something pretty revolutionary that -- it caught on out of -- lot of people feel about this. But essentially you're not allowed to tip. You keep getting -- -- if you want to they have a policy we can't tip it just started enough following custom and defend. They -- fully compensated this from the owner. In their salaries so therefore the gratuities are not accepted in the restaurant apparently makes up for the lost tips to the servers with a higher hourly wage. And it subsidizes that menu prices in other words they charge you a little more the menu items but you don't have to tip. For a lot of ways in which -- -- pay their bills on this I'm sure they don't wanna see this work and costs this could threaten their career but would you would you rather not paid attention. Pay a little more on the menu -- on the one -- you know what you're getting every week which can be nice but on the other hand you may not get as much and you're expected to declare at all anyway -- -- they like to be a little hazy -- there yet. You know so we'll see what happens. We'll see that catches on -- and other interesting tidbit for those in the work force if -- -- and -- some companies 5% of companies according to the Daily Mail. By. Extra time off by some vacation time if you want to you can sell your vacation time -- some US companies. Hilarious and -- as you can buy time from other employees. So that Mikey show that you want that extra week's vacation I don't really far away you can -- can -- a week from. Yes -- can by year's vacation time from home body tide would never want. Go anywhere really because I always wanna go somewhere but don't be expensive yet not only spending the money and the extra vacation but cannot but -- -- -- -- -- we'll talk about Jared. Jared from subway and fifteen years -- marks. Being the spokesperson that's what he looked like fifteen years ago he's now worth an estimated date. Fifteen million bucks by the way and he kept the weight off was 425 pounds. Way back then and now he's 16200. Pounds still eat his -- themselves way to go yet.

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{"id":19363941,"title":"Krispy Kreme Donuts Gets Sloppy","duration":"2:54","description":"The restaurant chain now serves a Sloppy Joe sandwich on its glazed doughnuts.","url":"/WNN/video/krispy-kreme-donuts-sloppy-19363941","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}