Lady Gaga Makes a Caffeinated Statement

Lady Gaga wears an outfit made from coffee filters on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
3:00 | 03/14/14

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Transcript for Lady Gaga Makes a Caffeinated Statement
-- -- -- sat with the latest fashion statement from lady got. We've seen where -- we've seen -- where nearly nothing at all just few weeks ago on Kimmel she was wearing this at. Few hours to carry -- a vision in white. Take it all and roughly dressed Kate and giant matching hat. She told -- and McCain all met at coffee filters that's all staff. The creation is actually by a London designer and was just shown -- Paris Fashion Week. So apparently this is fashion. I don't really think this is something that only Lady -- could pull off I prefer the cotton filter out that you need out that's for sure that is true I would for the coffee -- -- make me cover copyright. I would you that child in the tank with sharks. That's exactly what the producers of tonight's episode of the hit TV show shark tank we'll deal. It's a special kids -- -- show and it features small people with big idea that they want to turn into businesses. I -- the youngest is seven year old Keogh who invented a pink dot bandage she calls -- boob -- She and her dad asked the judges for a 100000 dollars to make it real something she admits was a little scary other kid inventors on the show will. -- -- -- that gives water fruity flavor and a -- that wants to rescue his family's farm. Seymour later on GMA and full episode will be tonight on ABC. Cooperstown we'll logo it's got a nice name anyway are you may not know his name -- his -- but you surely know his sports. We're remembering how Douglas this morning voice over artist who narrated thousands of movie trailers. And is the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- region popped the question you have to meet. But what did you order assessments of -- -- Douglas has passed away the age of 89 his voice will live on an all those trailers and documentaries he also appeared on camera. In the trailer for Jerry -- -- documentary comedian. Playing a voice over artists of course. Interesting to see -- always interesting to see that runs behind the voices in the I want to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger and drive around in his tank -- not hide his tank his story there to fifty times Korean War -- tank. He's inviting fans to enter a contest to come -- things with them. And those that entry fees will benefit one of his favorite charities afterschool all stars and -- in the contest starts at ten bucks. Thankful that you get to hang out -- Arnold can't drive a tank it's a double whammy. I did so weird -- who wore it best Kim Kardashian and her sister Kylie posting -- photos of them in the very same bikini. -- -- -- All right that's going to be tough to -- -- itself and -- bathroom -- wearing a black bikini that she admits she stole from her sister -- 672. Thousands of her fans. All right and here is highly in the same suit of course her -- You decide the entire -- dashing clan is in Miami for the opening of -- new store I think both look great but done gone with him. I know I went to some low for too many self is. Smuggling runs but he alone were not three after a -- Eisenberg they shout out this morning plus Poland and. Different music producer certain -- Quincy Jones who turned 81. Comedian Billy Crystal is 66. Shadowlands Christine -- -- is 44 and Taylor Hanson turns 31 happy guy from they don't always march 14 babies.

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{"id":22908730,"title":"Lady Gaga Makes a Caffeinated Statement","duration":"3:00","description":"Lady Gaga wears an outfit made from coffee filters on \"Jimmy Kimmel Live.\"","url":"/WNN/video/lady-gaga-makes-caffeinated-statement-22908730","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}