Lady Gaga Could Be Getting Married

Lady Gaga's friend hints the singer could be getting married this summer.
3:29 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for Lady Gaga Could Be Getting Married
The -- enough to be insured through the skinny. I have -- five dead calm not. That we have not just a chance to look even. And so were taken -- extremes today pledged to get nice to be a tall and yet relatively elderly Gary Coleman and now on the an excellent start. -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't have the job our ability to look this isn't going off with a lady -- -- -- -- good -- best friend DJ starlet -- Could be getting married this summer to her boyfriend you -- This guy he's vampire diaries star boyfriend Taylor. Katie he also starred in her video value at night and activated in September. 2011 there's a video there's -- -- -- we're talking about according to the. Friends she's told me he's the one that you know that instantly when you see them together Isabella got what could be a married woman this somehow I think it's true. I was expecting the heat and hot. That -- had never heard of mercy and before and get your your seal of approval. Yeah well yeah excellent. Okay alright wow well not. This vote for all of you bachelor bachelorette fans we have not. More news for you from our good friend -- -- the latest bachelor who is now engaged to his do. Catherine -- -- we officially we saw them -- Good Morning America. And he revealed some thing that -- in the world and ABC and everybody who watches all of ABC shows and apparently he -- the next contestant on. Dancing with the -- Is jockeying to extend. I would imagine you get to get a little training for the first -- Exactly what that's why sign up bomb preparation -- know when we have our big day hopefully a maker for I. I don't know a supplement and the big day. -- he did the proposal on the air -- found a woman -- of your partner on the air now do desert storm. And you're going to have the wedding. -- TV week. The only fitting -- -- -- relationship was created and developed on TV so. Why not have the wedding on TV. It's only -- of course ABC will cover the wedding and by the way -- dance partner will be at. -- our pet in the -- -- and know very nice a true. Yes we do that the bachelorette in the -- Maps are now doing dancing with the stars and I'll let in the winning two and it won't be there to Harriet for a lot codes -- -- school today's password is -- yeah. A little. Also Tiger Woods' ex wife back. The New Zealand Nordegren of course the Swedish bikini model yeah she is found new love she is dating this man named Chris Klein. Who is for neighbor can be very upscale North Palm Beach oceanfront community of Seminole the landing was telling his -- land and look at a seminal because they haven't -- together. These mining coal executive -- the whole lot of money and she's only 33 he has 55 Helena helps a lot of together and he's been married twice before has four kids from his previous. Why it is so very interesting never -- -- getting back in the game why I. How different her. She doesn't smile -- -- of the -- nobody's that crazy download time is playing well what was given that in the hole that was -- a good time.

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{"id":18716484,"title":"Lady Gaga Could Be Getting Married","duration":"3:29","description":"Lady Gaga's friend hints the singer could be getting married this summer. ","url":"/WNN/video/lady-gaga-married-18716484","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}