Lady Gaga Recovering From Hip Surgery

Lady Gaga writes a letter to fans thanking them for their encouraging thoughts.
3:29 | 02/22/13

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Transcript for Lady Gaga Recovering From Hip Surgery
Yeah. Oh yes yes it's not. Good morning those. And welcome everybody into the skinny on this for Iraq today day five so we update actually to something that we had spoken about it in a skinny plastic I think lady got -- had to get surgery. Had surgery she actually penned a real emotional notes to her hands in which she set amongst other things -- -- a -- -- You have changed my life I love you and I'm proud to be a part of your lives if you can do it I can do it. And if we stick together we can get through anything and she was kind of alluding to the fact that. You know her fans had told her about the experiences that they've had and they made her stronger for it. So anyway going back to why she's having. -- had surgery because she's you know she's been dancing -- forgot how long and if she's. Totally screwed up -- pick up his points regime that kind of more constructive surgery to have. Thank -- Allen also to have -- she's recovering. Eyes and she's -- performed so well. -- Lynn yes gives it her best so when she gets better fasten its aging is that. This clip her happy place yet Tim Tebow said he plays will not be at a church. Handed Dallas -- it is a few days later in the -- was scheduled to speak at the first Baptist Church in Dallas on April 28 however. The reverend mayor Robert Jefferson is highly controversial. That all kinds of very inflammatory things to say about gays about -- Jewish people. Muslims he's had. Quite controversial past and so once -- came to light. -- now has decided to cancel that appearance on the 28 of April says he will not go he tweeted to his two million followers I will continue to use the platform god has blessed me with. To bring faith hope and love to all those needing -- writer David he says he decided to cancel because of quote new information. That has been brought to my intention meaning -- learn about all the scandals Robinson oh PR disaster and that I'll probably a Smart move when I'm -- PR -- instead. The fact OK you have bad -- -- to act out. Didn't -- -- from time to time he has getting competitions on his Schaub so he had issued interpretation on his show last night. He went first and shot Stuckey scored six take a look at -- competition on -- So -- get his butt kicked by that little kid right there. It is tight end. Asked me -- ain't no you're all he got ten in the beginning at six and here's what's really interesting about this story. -- -- -- dad posted a video of him doing this the little boy went on The Today Show and totally failed so Ginny Cullen family out and said that -- been. A fixed Nvidia out what goes on call to me and said that he thinks it's fixed but like hit and let's stay away and he went on and -- -- Well the little guy and real quick for all -- grown men out their title of the new cover -- V magazine dedicated men and Rihanna now Moreira. A very cozy this is the magazine's me. Dynamic duo. Issue that is on stands now they're very sexy women there doing what they do -- stand out. We'll try to -- that helps.

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{"id":18564307,"title":"Lady Gaga Recovering From Hip Surgery","duration":"3:29","description":"Lady Gaga writes a letter to fans thanking them for their encouraging thoughts.","url":"/WNN/video/lady-gaga-recovering-hip-surgery-18564307","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}