Mother Monster Reveals Financial Woes

The pop superstar says she was bankrupt during her 2009 "Monster Ball" music tour.
3:00 | 03/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mother Monster Reveals Financial Woes
Right -- -- start with the mother monster admitting she was almost broke lady got guys revealing just how close she came to bankruptcy during her monster's ball -- Back in 2009. In -- documentary you witnessed -- three million dollars which was worried he had on that tour promoting her debut album the fame. -- he spent all that money on -- the 100 stage show in order to attract. Of one man are over chairman of live nation global touring company. I got to gamble works -- eventually called a route that has live nation right her attack. Forty million dollars. -- more than make up for it. All right Oprah isn't really pulling her stakes in Chicago that talk -- -- make that city's near west side neighborhood friend Saturn when she moved her TV studio there in 1990. Well now she is sold the Harpo studios -- building for about 32 million dollars you know part. -- we'll continue to lease the buildings for another two years or so but Oprah started moving out about three years ago when she. Set up for Oprah Winfrey network in Los Angeles she still owns a 9000 square foot condominium in Chicago which is up for sale. For nearly eight million dollars in the -- is really did a lot to revitalize that that -- area it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stay cool -- that aren't the actor Wayne Knight who played new man on the fight -- show is alive and well this morning after he was reported to be dead and. I don't -- that reporting that night had died in a car crash near the Pennsylvania New York border that news rocketed around the Internet and when it reached -- detention he tweeted this. So on you will be glad to hear this others strangely disappointed but I am alive and well today and -- -- Aren't sort of been a busy Monday morning for one Hollywood star. Star Trek and Jack Ryan star Chris -- He pleaded guilty this morning to -- in New Zealand he was busted by police after a wrap party two weeks ago and today evening of fine it had a license suspended for six months. The lawyer said he was very remorseful. Let. The music -- begin right there did you dancing shoes on tonight. -- this -- itself right here on ABC. I'm so excited about. About the great pass that drew -- -- -- -- night at the camera and even. This season will be unlike any other based on viewer input at the start -- which partners -- he cut his off a brand new hope to expand through. Born out of switching partners things will help out. Probably make things every minute I think -- tell -- After eighteen seasons they got -- bad -- absolutely -- -- -- -- James. The ballroom itself by the way winter Olympian -- Davis is still the favorite to win it all of -- according to the bookings in Vegas I have never seen. A what's -- price is right -- Can carry dance but people I've heard that with the -- -- back. Changing the -- this season as well I wonder that theme song that haven't gotten my head you know but who knows that -- the -- -- right and we have been very happy day birthday. Today after death featuring the five per -- through 63. Every citizens that -- army.

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{"id":22936695,"title":"Mother Monster Reveals Financial Woes","duration":"3:00","description":"The pop superstar says she was bankrupt during her 2009 \"Monster Ball\" music tour.","url":"/WNN/video/lady-gaga-reveals-financial-woes-22936695","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}