Lady Gaga Takes on 'Oz'

Lady Gaga wows the "GMA" audiences by channeling "The Wizard of Oz."
3:44 | 09/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lady Gaga Takes on 'Oz'
Sorry this is quick and simple we just want to show it to you lady got -- on Good Morning America yesterday and she put on quite a performance. She was performing her show applause and it was kind of like an indoor. Concert that she put on -- audience. And just the stage is incredible it was yellow brick road and the audience is wearing hats that made it look like they were -- she lifted off the field of poppies need to. Take a look at this -- really cool. And over again. Design -- could be an issue that line tonight. July and -- and that's at an end here is coming on. She's becoming a -- -- one of the wicked -- them -- is calling me ask in the -- hall no real show yeah -- -- always -- An incredible show to. It was just pretty. Props her props. -- GM makes crew who -- -- that because. What's really going to get. Absolutely car sitting out back on late night TV in his debut last night he's first -- Chris Tucker and -- have some fun dancing and about. A lot of change in his nineteen years yeah. Show in the first go round ended but apparently big on being with the crowd. TJ loved to smile that Arsenio smiling dancing all that. Apparently this show which ran from 8994 started losing affiliates I was wondering why the show ended and now other talk shows came about and he just lost more more. Feels that he wanted to get more balance in his life spent more time and his family and he says he's now returning with depth balance including the support of this thirteen year old son Arsenio junior so -- asking him. Our yeah I can't wait to actually watch -- I think -- It was pretty good yeah. A nice Cyrus is making headlines once again because this time she decided that she was going to go completely new -- -- home. Yeah in her brand new video I don't know she appeals -- twenty years old and I mean what. Grown man that's half maybe twenty years old ones actually see certainly -- yeah. Bob maybe side girls and what to think that -- something. -- -- out well -- there you have not part of it she eventually stripped completely down this is her second single from her forthcoming album from banger. It's called wrecking ball. -- -- you know the Internet and it actually. Glickman will host the means to my lap sixty years is almost -- the -- -- I had. Yeah has little or number -- she's like -- -- now -- about -- but -- like under age -- And we'll let anything showering yeah it's what I I don't need to check -- Yeah. Others is that good news long time Howard Stern co host Robin Quivers -- feeling that she has been declared cancer free after a long battle with the disease. Fantastic news there she's been broadcasting from her home by some kind of like phone lines getting raped -- sized tumor removed from ladder back in. May of 2012. Through all -- she only missed two episodes despite radiation therapy chemo and all kinds of invasive operations. So she's back on the show she finally broke her silence this morning telling the audience the full story -- -- -- deals you've got the kind of kept it close to best. But she's back they don't know if she's going to be back in the studio yet and she -- promoting a new book. She's healthy and she's.

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{"id":20208306,"title":"Lady Gaga Takes on 'Oz'","duration":"3:44","description":"Lady Gaga wows the \"GMA\" audiences by channeling \"The Wizard of Oz.\"","url":"/WNN/video/lady-gaga-takes-oz-20208306","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}