How Can a Sports Car Become a Chef?

A Lamborghini's fiery exhaust is used to cook up a full-sized turkey.
3:00 | 12/30/13

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Transcript for How Can a Sports Car Become a Chef?
Look at that makes everyone and we start with a Lamborghini not only because of -- look at it and apparently -- -- things do what do you think this movie it really is amazing this is posted to YouTube by -- guard to -- me 115. Decided to pitch but his Turkey and -- it would be -- And slightly leaning back firing. -- -- -- -- several minutes and it apparently cooks the Turkey and I'm definitely throw coming. I cannot let I don't know if such -- -- I'll let that stop something that you're gonna be putting it -- but buried up anyway it's. Successful according -- -- and he takes a bite out of bed. Ahead and there you have it. -- insurance it's okay. That's that would and this is really cool check yourself this -- the flying -- sociedad look at us. This is an airplane designer. Yelled get a jury he came up with us -- -- 150 foot yacht that transforms into a sea plane. For mobile -- they can transform into wings and as they say it and makes the transition. From slow boat to plane fairly seamless. But not out yet and theft theft but -- -- point -- does he go up about 370 feet for now. And that's -- and that's probably gonna cost four million dollars pocket change for you -- an island I'm gonna get that for you next Jessica. So you just better be ready on the need to do more so that's that's -- -- -- out. And that he had been I think that's why don't you -- history shows me hey you get a flying OK check this out here's another cool video we want to show you -- -- six year old. Can break dancing premiere namely general real name her break dancer name is Abby girl -- this is under any and she's part of this she's so good that she's already part of the troupe called the break dancing troupe. Sold -- -- This friendly competition in Harris back into that back in. Did not win overall -- issues -- out but somebody else I don't know how to -- the ball but she didn't walk away with the best dancer pride and when she stolen goods you can check out -- On YouTube and she's sensational she sixers called a music that's incredible animal -- -- well. I don't know you can do it. This commercial break -- Never got thirty seconds no New York here we have the ball dropping yes. But there's places that have all sorts of other things dropping take a look at some of the video Bethlehem Pennsylvania they drop a giant -- out. In Bartlesville Oklahoma they dropped and all live report today in Panama City, Florida -- big draw. Beach -- it's. Like if I. Two of those out of figure out if.

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{"id":21366694,"title":"How Can a Sports Car Become a Chef?","duration":"3:00","description":"A Lamborghini's fiery exhaust is used to cook up a full-sized turkey. ","url":"/WNN/video/lamborghini-cooks-turkey-21366694","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}