Latest Back-to-School Gadgets

With summer winding down and the school year around the corner, Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo has the hottest back-to-school gadgets.
4:28 | 08/16/16

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Transcript for Latest Back-to-School Gadgets
The leader that we are nearing back to school season which means of course back to school shopping. And kids with Dick DeBartolo is here to show us some of the high tech items on the menu this year we got for a. Hi tech for little kids you know how I love LEDs. Will this is from vick's speed and this is their flight would. At cute backpack and hang on while you look at that how I'll turn this went on this is for girls. And these are the light up fairy flyer wings I have to tell you say that's for girls but I grew up as a tomboy and I didn't want that help okay okay. That this is there are those who route 44 dollars and it's great fixed he has a program. For every backpack they sell they give a big a school bad with supplies to a needy child was fun no that's all that is true picked up a but I. Now definitely alive for a normal it on normal adults and kids going back to school especially college this is from he bags. And as is their new slim laptop backpack. So down here we have something called the AC garage that's for the heavy duty cable are high. On the side here if you want to carry water bottle and zipped open Palkot for that. This is neat to keep organize days. We have a pocket for just about everything many of them she threw I have a hard time keeping large bags organize a love that this has so many can be part yes pockets to exactly sure this can be for the school books and and there's a pocket here for a tablet. And in overhears a pocket four you motto this laptop. Or anything you want I love this is really great shape I had this that would have let him I think I lost my fun and it's actually just hidden in my hidden in there but it doesn't have LED winning so you have that it could trade up. I'll chrome books are more than 50% of the school market now settle a chrome book is not a windows machine. What it does a lot of things would do rugged area that from the last time we were here. So it's a beautiful keyboard. It has. You can download. Videos to it you kind of Canada at midway it's not a full load donated it uses chrome. OS OK so in school you'll be on using Wi-Fi. You can download programs in the news it offline but mostly on line at that is not a lot of storage but because of that. This is all the pieces first all aluminum chrome book. It's called therefore the chrome fourteen minutes very light and very very light it's under 300 dollars that's how I also very yes exactly the new case their chrome for Nikki I'm very light yes time OK I think this is most new android devices have something built in cold on the go so little mini USB. Yes so this. Goes into the bottom of aid and android phone or tablet. And you can download movies or files because this is 32 gigabytes. Of memory. Then this side is there regularly US these so now you can transfer files between phones and. Ten minutes and a computer and where everyone that's great is that meat and no tiny. Twelve dollars trustee meeting and that when it's 64 dollars they're both from Kingston. And this final thing the only Hamadan hamburger when you said that was 64 dollars for second I've not done that in 2000 handlers and four gigabyte connect 120 dollars. Bet this. This has this made me hungry and and I realized that wasn't our daughter it's a company called yummy and their young Lee purses okay. There I don't know I'm I didn't hear this. It's little Maggie keep it closed a little zip is so you can put the SD cards and clipped some things in if there was a peanut butter and jelly and a frank that he and the crew wakeup. Even know. The food that they are found little pocket and that isn't that neat and that guy that they run eight to sixteen dollars. Says it is if there all your whatever little supplies maybe it. You're little Ouellet anymore and hang it on a bag it's a great conversation starter for back to school Honda. But. Back college quote that's my pain very ranks. Military. Wing. Indyk thanks so Leno is love having you I guess who is sixty Rotella you can check out his website isn't his outfits for these and more high tech back to school plus.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"With summer winding down and the school year around the corner, Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo has the hottest back-to-school gadgets.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41414841","title":"Latest Back-to-School Gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/latest-back-school-gadgets-41414841"}