Victim's 'Spirits Are Up' After Deadly LAX Shooting

Teacher Brian Ludmer was injured from the shooting at Los Angeles International Airport.
2:16 | 11/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Victim's 'Spirits Are Up' After Deadly LAX Shooting
America's number one. We begin in Los Angeles where investigators are piecing together the puzzle hired gunmen would hunt down TSA agents with a deadly intent. This morning that suspect himself is in critical condition unable to answer questions as we are learning new details about his movements just for. For the attack. ABC news has learned that it was Paul -- is roommate who dropped him off at the airport on Friday thinking he had to catch a flight. Instead he is believed to -- walked up to the TSA checkpoint. Hold an assault rifle from his bag and started to shoot killing TSA agent Gerardo Hernandez and injuring several more. As terrified passengers and workers ran for cover. Teacher Brian lumber was among them shot in the cap shattering his lower leg. Plumbers boss principal -- step -- mosque he says he had a long road ahead of the -- -- Tom he still alone traumatized by all of it. Omelet -- trying to feed you don't get our arms around this meanwhile a clearer picture of the suspect is emerging a family friend telling the LA times Cianci -- -- it hard when his mother died in 2009 after years of battling multiple sclerosis. Classmates -- his Delaware high school where he played the French -- the -- -- he didn't reach out to anyone. There were few people that kept himself in new stuff we wanted to later -- -- went to Florida graduating from the motorcycle mechanics institute in 2011. Then moving to Los Angeles to look for work. There he shared an apartment with several roommates one former roommate saw nothing to fear. It was really nice guy but it loner introverted but nothing that. I would. Ever expectancies its. This morning the busy LAX airport will be back in business but Friday's attack has left a trail of sorrow and many more questions to be answered. And -- airport tensions remain high another airport the airport in Birmingham Alabama up and running this morning after a bomb threat shut down operations there. Passengers and personnel evacuated all flights are suspended for two hours last night while swat teams -- bomb sniffing dogs swept the terminal it's CarMax. They found no evidence of explosives.

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{"id":20774150,"title":"Victim's 'Spirits Are Up' After Deadly LAX Shooting","duration":"2:16","description":"Teacher Brian Ludmer was injured from the shooting at Los Angeles International Airport.","url":"/WNN/video/lax-shooting-victims-spirits-20774150","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}