Lea Michele Breaks Silence on Death of Cory Monteith

Lea Michele, Cory Monteith's girlfriend and "Glee" co-star, releases statement on his death.
4:04 | 07/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lea Michele Breaks Silence on Death of Cory Monteith
Into the -- -- start -- some sad news that we've been reporting about and police superstar -- -- submitted sudden death apparently from. An accidental overdose in his hotel room in Vancouver -- -- for the first time we're hearing through her representatives. From his girlfriend and co star Alain -- she says in a statement once again released by her. Representative delay is deeply grateful for all the love and support she's received from family friends and fans. She goes on to say since -- -- passing -- has been reading alongside his family making appropriate arrangements with them. It's at that they're supporting each other to and -- obviously this profound loss in the continue to ask the media to respect their privacy. These two she's turning six -- was 31 when he passed away they dated for just a little more than a year they eat -- you know met on the set of -- and sparks kind of -- in. Now of course we're talking about arrangements for 31 year old's funeral and yeah. -- -- well let's lighten it up and celebrate something that's ageless wonder Tina Turner. -- -- better every year she's like that no kidding anyway she just got married she tied the -- proving you're never too old 73 years old look at -- -- -- the wedding her long time bow its -- -- he's. German record producer they had a civil ceremony in Zurich Switzerland last week they will take part in a Buddhist ceremony at that Lake -- home on Sunday she's. Apparently an invite. 120 guests including Oprah shot day David -- way to celebrate their nuptials. This weekend according to the Swiss media. Tennessee born singer Tina Turner have been living in Zurich suburbs now since 1995 she. She's been with for almost thirty years they finally had -- up to thirty. Years -- and all -- -- Swiss citizen last break so. Regulations diary I have seven -- -- I have a funny feeling she's alive. I think so yeah he's -- Them. You're right about. Any feeling in that relationship she's gone out of like. What we'll ask him -- I guarantee she's got a 73 year old -- that part of town there is no doubt about it check this out WikiLeaks we've all heard about the entire thing with -- -- not only in Julian Assange but now. Edwards noted in Howell was undoubtedly has got involved with -- snow and an -- -- Well now apparently -- -- working on a movie. That has to do what -- he links. -- sent to be released in October. Apparently going to be called the fifth states. And it takes a look at the early days of the website and it. -- its. -- showing Julian Assange as a heroic visionary but someone who then takes things a little too far. The movie trailer says you can't change the world without crashing the system which is kind of an apps tag line for not only Julian Assange but also -- snow and it's. You know they they seem to have -- taken you know in. The release of information some -- a little too far well Julian Assange is coming out saying that this is a massive propaganda attack. So there you have it -- may be able to get. -- idea what it was like another. Apparently days. And -- -- by the way. -- based on two separate books one and then and you know kind of the inside look at -- signs and another -- inside look. At least -- -- don't think you can -- particularly if fixed if it's accurate it could be interesting to Disney movies Disney movies and immediately. Garcia is exactly emphatically the outside -- Kennedy -- obviously better believe it I can -- action finally back in the public -- -- finally going mum on June -- Yes well good -- it is time to take a break out of water -- that in a post titled thank you on her blog she's had a few good things she said. These past couple weeks have been killed most exciting experiences of my life I've enjoyed the time and I fully -- motherhood. And spent time in my family and she's been reading all your messages she thanks you. For almost sweet thoughts and -- malicious it's got to put that picture who's to pony up we'll find out soon enough of that.

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{"id":19696145,"title":"Lea Michele Breaks Silence on Death of Cory Monteith","duration":"4:04","description":"Lea Michele, Cory Monteith's girlfriend and \"Glee\" co-star, releases statement on his death.","url":"/WNN/video/lea-michele-breaks-silence-death-cory-monteith-19696145","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}