Leftover Jewelry From an Engagement? Sell It Here

The new auction website, "I Do, Now I Don't," tells stories of failed engagements and marriages.
2:56 | 09/26/13

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Transcript for Leftover Jewelry From an Engagement? Sell It Here
Into the next -- we have fun mix and am excited about this suddenly started a brand and website it's called I do now I don't and it's basically an option platform where people who tilted. Lovers or people have been engaged in now no longer engage because -- -- isn't. Walked out of the picture. You can't put up their jewelry to trying get a little more money so there's different stories. It's a little -- if you don't want there you can not only option your jewelry that you also can read the stories behind the jewelry so there -- some of them. -- they're like a girl who was 151000 dollars in debt because her voice and her boyfriend fiance walked out on -- not just trying to sell for 4000 dollar engagement -- to get a little bit of money back. The -- all over the place like that -- -- -- created a jilted lover himself he went on vacation came back on an empty house just the wedding ring. Public early response to marry and she was gone would you feel like that jewelry might be a little -- If you buy it from there -- if you -- -- turn bad luck and you're looking for DL my unit Labor -- they've never -- he is not something that's been used the. Very very sure kind of tired -- fair enough dieting apparently it's can make you thinner and more attractive nobody can also make you dumber according to a new study yet dieting. A new researchers show that it is a detriment to your mental capacity has had all the counting -- calories actually clogs up -- -- his brain this is actually a Harvard economics professor who. Did this research news talk on the New York Times in this article. And he explained that clogging negatively impacts your ability cash and carry out tests during the day which is called bandwidth -- -- -- Can't count calories -- -- easy things like don't eat sugar in it's pretty easy for me I don't get you know you have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anything to do it too -- you're so worried about not eating things insurers -- your greenback packages is -- -- -- -- -- -- it doesn't grow old or swim in the see you're looking what don't -- I ladies. Don't -- exactly. My second favorite story of the day here what is the most screwed up thing about your stay there is now -- chart. This is on policy MIC dot com and it essentially it takes. And it grabbed all of the information from America's health rankings and the US census and put it together on this glorious. -- So here we go. Louisiana -- straight gonorrhea wow the my personal favorite -- Mississippi highest rate of obesity that when I think we've reported on before having things familiar North Dakota. Rental house. Austin the earliest residents she was alcohol is -- -- -- Arizona. Ohio attorney and state claims. Based on the highest number -- what -- -- what he -- These reality I think. -- highest rate mom like -- subscriptions Max. Wisconsin highest. The rate of binge drinking with a dumb mistake main reasons that aren't all -- highest rated female incarceration moves to clean -- Finally I want place for more people live beyond 85 and then I didn't I don't know early Americas and you -- die of boredom.

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{"id":20379120,"title":"Leftover Jewelry From an Engagement? Sell It Here","duration":"2:56","description":"The new auction website, \"I Do, Now I Don't,\" tells stories of failed engagements and marriages.","url":"/WNN/video/leftover-jewelry-engagement-sell-20379120","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}