All Pieces Assembled for 'The Lego Movie'

Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman and Elizabeth Banks provide voices for the February comedy.
2:55 | 11/04/13

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Transcript for All Pieces Assembled for 'The Lego Movie'
-- -- -- everybody we've talked about just about everything under the sun the next and we talked about Legos many times yes especially how -- -- -- popular with adults who didn't. -- -- and they really -- this adult Legos that they're now people just love it. Paul -- now he's got a movie that's coming on the big screen early 2014. That trailer is out the Lego movie -- hold worthless. -- Three and selling prices company that's 37 dollars. I thought oh my gosh I -- With Legos -- -- ultimately something like them raw -- -- -- anyway it's due out early 2014 -- from the guys behind cloudy with a chance of meatballs and 21 jump street who's got real people behind them this is going to be. Probably. Pretty darn good movie and the president took -- slot right looks pretty cool doesn't it looks like a movie from my shelter lightly and downbeat yes you write everything just -- -- stop action and. -- -- Okay now here's something that I fell in love with over the weekend because -- whole areas this is a sportscaster in Boise Idaho. Who decided that he wanted to be Ron Burgundy. On his sports cast during his first guest and that man never broke. Character. Particulate. -- and bad ribs for lunch one doing this. -- that the Associated Press released its pre season basketball poll today Boise State. He's an -- please tell me this is some kind of sick tasteless joke. And here's the thing that's -- -- that can't be I if you're going to be. He does this -- the entire newscast after his sports -- keep the line. That they haven't in the weather and does that -- and -- they haven't into the goodbye -- doesn't suggest like Ron Burgundy if you have a chance to go watch this. On. You know when your computer it is -- Larry. Thankfully I can't go horribly wrong we look he looked pretty good O'Malley he was it was the whole areas are the whole thing's that's really affected. If things going horribly wrong Christmas ornament coming up from hallmark -- put it up. It is done we now. Arafat apparently wanted tacky Christmas sweater that's gonna go up on your Chris history as an ornament architects of the -- words -- Don we now are gay apparel -- -- -- -- -- gay -- Apparently. Everybody under the sun is pretty ticked off -- hallmark apparently a lot of gay people like what he's a bad -- you can't use the word gay. Traditionally of course we know what that means happy fun festive it also means what it means in this day and age and everybody's thinking like why can't they just put the traditional word out there than traditional is that. Everybody sort of go on what do you think it hallmark for their part by the way let me get this -- said. They have multiple meanings we thought we -- leave it open to misinterpretation in the trend of wearing custom decorated Christmas sweaters is all up on in this was intended to -- -- So he's worked behind. --

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{"id":20777814,"title":"All Pieces Assembled for 'The Lego Movie'","duration":"2:55","description":"Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman and Elizabeth Banks provide voices for the February comedy.","url":"/WNN/video/lego-movie-debut-february-20777814","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}