Lifting the curtain on the marijuana industry

Former World News Now anchor Heather Cabot tells our Will Ganss about her new book “The New Chardonnay,” out now.
3:01 | 08/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lifting the curtain on the marijuana industry
Heather Cabot has a passion and a talent for reporting something viewers of this show already know. Good morning everybody I'm Ettercap along with rob Corning now the former world news now Laker is deciding it's high time to shed some light. On how barrel one out west main street. In her new book the new Chardonnay everything I thought about it. Heather's gateway into the drug industry a trip to Las Vegas for the Merrill won a business conference. I'm not getting me more probably everyone out there would be better armed people in Qaeda and ruins east and he's not that I saw. It's people end. Sweater bags and you know who liked carrying legal pads and hey why are. How Google didn't actually get into this industry how much money to get into the image dream and really how hot it is. Heather learning that most of the big marijuana companies in the US were owned by wealthy white man. The nanny and that is that. The war on drugs the war Meryl want to Canada has disproportionately. Targeted communities of color and so you had. Today we're sitting in jail or lol well campus event has the possession offenses. In that very same places where people are making millions and millions of dollars I mean these these companies now there are traded publicly. The new Chardonnay improving the truth is stranger than fiction and what I write my novel I really wanna. Have fun here and it. Unbearable but it measures that I went out. Heather introducing a cast of real life characters along the way. Marijuana mogul and Jersey Shore mom of six bats to bola who has fended off her fair share of shady characters. And a guy Heather describes as the Willy Wonka of weed. And of course if they searched YouTube might recognize. That you we've got mark that. Those youth vote and bill on prime time narrative changed a game. Alan he gets more mainstream and then mark. Why didn't you create programming it would in shields senior middle America and those Democrats have continued shoes to rattle and give back is growing. Onion women. And and bloomers in Arizona isn't getting high they're interested in. You know sleeping better dealing with anxiety dealing with straps and a they're looking for Nassau turned it is but it's the entrepreneurs Heather Mac who she says bring the fire to the marijuana industry. Didn't really risk a lot is that you have to be so passionate about bad idea that you have. In the heat and these onto Bernardin mean not only miss their their finance is the beavers they're ready Asians and they missed especially every. Our thanks to Heather Cabot the new chart and ate the unlikely story of how marijuana met went mainstream is on sale now. Everywhere books are sold you guys really get to see friend of our world news now family.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Former World News Now anchor Heather Cabot tells our Will Ganss about her new book “The New Chardonnay,” out now.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72565532","title":"Lifting the curtain on the marijuana industry","url":"/WNN/video/lifting-curtain-marijuana-industry-72565532"}