Lilo Gets Banned from Ritzy Hollywood Hotel

After racking up a $46,000 bill and skipping out, Lindsey Lohan gets banned.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lilo Gets Banned from Ritzy Hollywood Hotel
-- OK let's start off. This game -- our favorite things mile and always some some Honolulu and -- he's getting in trouble a very positive. They're very negative apparently that -- it from a very ritzy hotel in Hollywood's -- -- marked. Because she racked up 46000. Dollars this. NN bill on how to get through this quickly 686 dollars for cigarettes 3000 dollars at the mini bar mostly for alcohol a lot of 102 dollars just -- one to 800 dollars for a candle 386 dollars for. -- -- The basic 66 sums for six -- -- like pretax. Carl they. Hey spigot of a lot of money apparently Kim Kardashian has settled a dispute for millions of months with old navy they had a commercial out -- Rivera. Girl who looked a lot like him again I hate using my it would seem -- people think it's -- senior product it's not so what judge dismissed their suit in court yesterday that's the look like right there. And it doesn't like -- we can't let her forget upsets -- getting millions now just a judge dismissed the case and they have settled they say both sides are happy but they're not divulging details but again could be millions and taken to camps. Speaking if Chris Humphries who apparently has been sued because of the -- London says. He gave her herpes is over the last two months. Now he's saying that's actually not true he's countersuing her name is -- Goldberg. He says he's been tested and it all came out negative therefore that can't be true. -- and of course we all know that he is. Not wanting to give Kim Kardashian divorce -- asking for but at the same time his parents have already. Gotten a divorce his parents thirty years of -- thirty years got married in 1982 -- they are. According to mum is the one who filed this is -- -- retrievable breakdown of the marriage which is why they have. Get -- and separated Chris just gift that keeps on giving the.

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{"id":17113124,"title":"Lilo Gets Banned from Ritzy Hollywood Hotel","duration":"3:00","description":"After racking up a $46,000 bill and skipping out, Lindsey Lohan gets banned.","url":"/WNN/video/lilo-banned-ritzy-hollywood-hotel-17113124","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}