Lindsay Lohan's IRS Woes

Lindsay Lohan owes more than $200,000 to the IRS.
3:14 | 12/04/12

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Transcript for Lindsay Lohan's IRS Woes
-- -- Thank you will see any if any and that happens that rules that the rest of the week. Cash well Lila Lindsay Lohan and it's and we know she's been in trouble for like the last five years -- and now. She and not only -- for things she's done in drug and alcohol related to them but now the IRS is going after back taxes she it was -- for 2009 and two -- intensity had scenes. Her bank accounts she reportedly of those. 233. -- and an unpaid federal tax issues following. Big falling behind. For 2011. As I remember -- she -- hundred range trying to get her theater -- -- learned yeah Camille Little bit more than that. So. But she is -- have reportedly. And downing two bottles of vodka a day because of the stress the stress of her summer car crash -- and that recent bar brawl last week was at Sargent misdemeanors yeah. Soon if you know what issues were reportedly refusing to answer rehab five Greg -- to access -- -- -- we're not watching him not. My White House in the making you know that's my underwear with Lindsay was -- the -- -- a lawyer fees there's a need exists. How to -- wealthy people get back taxes anyway I just don't get that but we wish her luck that she's -- she's center and more than two million dollars at the end of this year wish. -- -- -- We're artists we get -- weird. Mike Tyson back in the news came out said he was high on cocaine during the filming of the -- over when he would that you haven't really funny appearance in the movie. Now -- given another interview basically saying laid back -- the day he was married to Robin Givens back in eighty that was like when she was and that sit com head of the class and all that. He's basically admitting that even the middle of this divorce he would go to her house every day before going to his attorney -- -- she's a big issue steal my money. He would go to the house every day during the divorce and still have sex whether. Then one day came home and guess who she's embedded -- Now Brad Pitt and this was prenatal list Hollywood Records this wasn't and he was he has I understand the Mike Tyson did say he should have seen his face when he saw me. You can imagine -- -- -- walks in you're messing with his wife but. -- he described the whole thing as a love triangle but Swede Robin Givens and Brad Pitt. It in this latest interview with the story there is that the -- the office of our history -- Very crazy -- Much of substance contract didn't -- woman even get I did my wife began a live my life and so it was a fairly bad things I've got -- I've done this is -- Did you predict Padilla did -- good -- -- to my place. -- our team when we get some Marty gets. According. -- -- allegedly supposed to celebrated new years eve wedding -- this if she married him back in 2011. -- received 800 Korean after the wedding as a -- and 500000. Each year -- meet with them. That is a lot of money have to stay off the market -- men and related news -- stock went up today also rumor and a Hollywood now Anna wintour editor vote could be named the new ambassador to the UK or France by President Obama -- interest in.

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{"id":17873137,"title":"Lindsay Lohan's IRS Woes","duration":"3:14","description":"Lindsay Lohan owes more than $200,000 to the IRS.","url":"/WNN/video/lindsay-lohans-irs-woes-17873137","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}