Lingerie for Men?

New outerwear for men featuring lacy designs is introduced at a London fashion show.
2:55 | 01/15/13

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Transcript for Lingerie for Men?
Right what better by to a very special mix up fashion something going on today yet apparently Monday. Lives -- men's Fashion Week came to a close last week but we wanted to share review one of the highlights of an extraordinary event. Basically it's called man of the summer's OK I had lace -- to go see pieces such as hotbed of cycling shorts and sheer vast styled as Al firmware on it or -- Larry. -- -- -- It's basically is -- larger rate for men is coming with a big kids from mitnick said during London's men's Fashion Week. Last I like wait I liked his looks -- your vantage I'm a fan of this really. So you'd -- man on the beach -- the -- on the Coburn blatant you know what I'm go -- that you know if you're single if if they look like Matt below really thought. I'm gonna bring the -- that would give you could -- that these fish. -- -- International hacking day yes and I love cats I've read some of my favorite at I actually do fascinate -- -- Middleton who heads. But that -- following Easter. You can literally where these -- -- -- absolutely this is actually also one of my feeds. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome back to show that little it's very interesting as -- is also of course celebrating national had day and fans can get delicious deals for the -- -- chocolate molten lava cake by visiting. Is signing -- White House petition because they want their company's iconic like ten gallon hat logo. As the national had a America I think this should be this nearly had. Really need right here this visit which -- Casual style my North Carolina Tar Heels that his Daddy Yankee -- know how to the Tar Heels had -- -- -- -- a -- -- really special. Does that happen I got back on the morning show ignores at a special -- -- -- had a line if -- -- it -- of these. For posterity -- for posterity. I would say this -- -- -- -- did well this talking about about fashion. There's -- study about Beck takes -- Fascinating how do you carry into the lot about your personality. And give some insight into your life peers and yet wherever you are lovely models here first we have. Could -- miss that he is karaoke is over and over is our -- aren't -- -- Cook cook -- that that's being spent an hour minute didn't get our apartment. Now we also have Jamie one of our producers here was this means you're lazy elegant kind of handed down -- our friends -- And then we have Amanda to our other. Prince look at our producers and that means -- sort of insecure she's -- like that was just how New Yorkers to carry their best competitive ability to -- The legislation -- -- that.

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{"id":18217887,"title":"Lingerie for Men?","duration":"2:55","description":"New outerwear for men featuring lacy designs is introduced at a London fashion show.","url":"/WNN/video/lingerie-men-18217887","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}