Papers: Liquor Store Shelf Collapse

If you cry over spilled wine then get ready to sob.
2:46 | 10/24/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Papers: Liquor Store Shelf Collapse
-- it is now time for your morning Paper somebody kick it up. Now there's no use crying over spilled milk but what about spilled wine and liquor what video -- -- all -- -- almost seven. Dollars and models there you see them there. A shelf collapse at this store. -- secured discount liquor that was an unexpected inventory reduction that He. Billion dollars all of a sudden they -- this actually happened back in July but it's not making the rounds on YouTube. A -- randomly collapse thankfully there were no customers in the store no one was -- but you can see. A little tsunami of sorts there in liquor store thankfully -- insurance covered it and you know the employees -- standard and clean up the mess. Can actually that's not all this ballot I felt at 7000 miles -- Men as rough. Wasted alcohol I -- to -- it breaks my heart. We already had this for you get married -- you're getting married next summer but nobody want to ruin the ceremony you're. You know the whole party and our -- your nation and -- don't actually takes the other ministers on that. Apparently started the Washington Post there was a man in Nevada is -- to get married with two. And -- of course is theories in this and He had kids are getting arrested because He physically carries his mom out of the shepherds still because -- called to the scene trying to block this whole wedding. That's -- really got that he's now he's 35 years old faces disorderly conduct in coercion charges. And his He has -- -- -- patch things up but mom kind of storm into the church and He kind of let. That Barry Manilow will now -- -- you are not going to be a nice thing. Given that have now -- Premise that -- story to a very happy won -- on a wish her congratulations. To these folks this is Paul and K rich today actually got they were new -- after twelve years but what makes -- -- so special is that this was just days after the gentleman's 100 birthday. He said He didn't want to have a party for his birthday and then his -- -- what we renew our thousands of they did that instead. That's very nice very nice and -- and renewed without really married twelve years they look older going to marry -- Larry is that this is second marriage spoke -- congratulations to them not bad at all. This story I really funny it's a little -- we all remember that horrible tsunami and earthquake back in Japan. And apparently now all that debris -- -- not become a Washington match everything at a washed out furniture appliances boats everything. All of that now isn't a -- in the water now five to twenty million tons of debris in -- saying that this thing is moving toward Hawaii now it could reach the midway islands by winter and reach Hawaii now. In less than two years just this huge wall of debris in the water. Frightened Merrill analysts here and I can't imagine what that's going to do so Hawaii has to -- to get ready for some potential mess themselves. -- -- --

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{"id":14800953,"title":"Papers: Liquor Store Shelf Collapse","duration":"2:46","description":"If you cry over spilled wine then get ready to sob.","url":"/WNN/video/liquor-store-shelf-collapse-14800953","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}