Is it Possible to Live Forever?

ABC News' Lana Zak looks into the secrets for living longer.
3:21 | 12/07/12

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Transcript for Is it Possible to Live Forever?
-- medical advances and better health habits Americans simply are living longer these days I think Guinness book of world records just came to 150 year old Iowa woman the world's oldest woman so what is the secret to longevity ABC's on his back is here. Good morning Robin -- you know only talk of -- made me wonder how can all live long and fantastic -- all right. Living forever or at least living to 9100. Even older is a dream that increasingly seems attainable. The big influencers have always been jeans exercise and diet. But let's be honest view of us are willing to give up our meat and cheese for 100 years eating only green leafy vegetables. What we want to -- robust long life. Betty White at ninety years young says it's not a restricted diet. That's kept her so lively all -- these years as the constant activity. As far as -- it goes she reportedly loves hot docs and cupcakes. -- Betty White Moore can only. Scientific breakthroughs are throwing out the rules of old age. Cynthia Kenyon at the ten talk for bold ideas. People who live tonight -- hundred. Were more likely to have death to mutations -- long -- mutants are more resistant to all these diseases doctor Kenyon has doubled the life expectancy of her patients. These little guys. This is a warm in the prime of his life. And later see how he Egypt's. And the animals clearly in the nursing home but check -- the mutant form of the same age not a nursing home. It's going skiing Kenyon believes that these lessons can be applied to humans. After all we already live longer. Today the average American lives to 79. Compared to just 49 a century ago. And this long bearded scientist -- to -- believes that the first person to live to 150. Has already been born. He and he says a 1000 year old is not far behind. I'm claiming that the first -- -- to a thousand. Is actually probably only about ten years younger than the first 150 -- -- enough -- to fill. Quite -- thought indeed -- the fountain of youth on its way to all of us. It's an interesting question and I absolutely so the life expectancy could go up but what about the quality of life -- that's exactly what these scientists are working -- because what I heard that people don't wanna live forever. In the last two things happened one they have with a robust life of their -- that the mines are active in two that they can still share with the people -- -- up. Absolutely -- -- -- -- if everybody does have a wider -- select hot dogs sounds good to me. All of its let me the -- still play a big role as you do we help these person in the world and exercise and -- right -- all the southern Baptist lady do. -- still determined so much about what our future health. Entails around -- are huge but all things doctors -- -- -- -- do not determine your destiny. They're part of your roadmap but there are things that you can be doing -- scientific breakthroughs that. Me just extend our lives in a more robust fabulously. I want going to respect to follow report come back when you're 95 all be here -- -- loving parents. An -- and be back -- 150. Take -- look at that that let me appreciate it.

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{"id":17901687,"title":"Is it Possible to Live Forever?","duration":"3:21","description":"ABC News' Lana Zak looks into the secrets for living longer.","url":"/WNN/video/live-forever-17901687","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}