LL Cool J Lick Count

ABC's Jimmy Kimmel does a count of the lip smacking from the 2013 Grammy Awards host.
1:50 | 02/12/13

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Transcript for LL Cool J Lick Count
That means that we'll get to them how can keep them -- -- there's obviously in his left little room at my house and and -- Obama. And -- -- -- -- But let's get a few months ago -- -- -- and and does he always is licking his lips about what he's doing sit in -- -- whatever. Teddy did this evening again at the other -- business hosted on Sunday. So on decks many thanks to the good folks over Jimmy Kimmel show because -- had this funny set up last night never comparing what happened more hello Ladoux has -- Stewart host in the grammys -- the using the word amazing during the bachelor to take a look at this. But that soul music's biggest night. -- -- -- -- we'll let you so much improved medical editor. The first clue that you can get over blue whale that might connect to -- months. Yeah just -- totaled just they -- it will pollute the way too much as we hit him -- went around the ridiculous. -- doubt that you somebody for supply lasted a few months ago that was funny stuff. -- who. I -- enough this game.

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{"id":18473612,"title":"LL Cool J Lick Count","duration":"1:50","description":"ABC's Jimmy Kimmel does a count of the lip smacking from the 2013 Grammy Awards host.","url":"/WNN/video/ll-cool-lick-count-18473612","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}