LL Cool J Keeps His Lips Moist

Jimmy Kimmel keeps a count of how many times LL Cool J licks his lips.
3:07 | 02/12/13

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Transcript for LL Cool J Keeps His Lips Moist
I mean that we'll get to them how head and then -- -- -- I was licking his -- through rules that my house and come -- -- Obama. -- -- -- -- -- But let's get a few months ago make it LL and and because he always is licked his lips about what he's doing sit in -- -- whatever. And he did this evening again. At -- -- business posted on Sunday. So are dead as many thanks to the good folks over Jimmy Kimmel show because that he had this funny set up last night -- comparing what happened more hello -- has -- -- -- in the grammys for the using the word amazing. During the bachelor to take a look at this. But that soul music's biggest night. -- -- -- -- Boo boo you so much -- -- yeah. The first segment lose -- -- -- get over it will play O'Malley met. To promote her eldest books Google says they can move move the way too much as we hit everybody went around them it's ridiculous. Come -- that you somebody for court -- lasted a few months ago that was funny stuff. Izaguirre who. I don't know this -- -- Actually some serious sick. Not bad it didn't win -- -- yeah yeah. Shooting. You can go -- Actually -- if it's true we don't know for sure but apparently -- showed up to the grammys wearing what looked like an engagement -- Cozying up to Chris Brown as easy. And it looked like she had an engagement ring on her finger. -- -- take -- beautiful diamond. Rain with a lot of smaller diamonds around it here is a problem as we remember back in 2009. Chris Brown was accused and convicted of beating her. If we remember. -- -- she's beautiful and very talented but I feel like I feel like -- I needed is a good word my thing is -- -- -- this way before -- their relationship is their business but of something bad happens getting very little sympathy will be found that's all I'm saying so perceived by human embryonic beautiful girl. Also Justin Bieber was snubbed this year the grammys -- not get any nominations was not asked to perform apparently so. He tried to combat you know get around that by posting his own life stream show but the video crashed it would never happen until he responded by uploading -- unfinished version of a new contract that is working on and that also -- -- -- these pictures of -- -- -- -- all that -- do -- all the stuff so -- -- I'm going needs all of us and not take. I don't understand that he would be a real mess and his favorite.

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{"id":18473760,"title":"LL Cool J Keeps His Lips Moist","duration":"3:07","description":"Jimmy Kimmel keeps a count of how many times LL Cool J licks his lips.","url":"/WNN/video/ll-cool-lips-moist-18473760","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}