Lohan Family Brawl

Lindsay Lohan and her mother get into an argument and police respond.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Lohan Family Brawl
So now it's for the skinny and it's time for yes -- Lohan apparently Lindsay and her mom Dina. -- -- Club in Manhattan and they hung out it was girls' night -- about 4:30 in the morning and then allegedly they got into this significant argument. Over whether or not Lindsay was gonna stay at a Manhattan hotel or return to her mother's home. On Long Island while that is screaming fight starts their -- in that they're now in front of the home. Lindsay calls her father for help which is so fast yeah. She starts yelling -- she's on cocaine meeting talking about her mom and then. The father. Call them not what one and the cops get there apparently they're fighting because. Lindsay wants the 40000 dollars that she loaned her mother said that the family home. Wouldn't it be foreclosed upon and they get into this big big argument but interestingly enough then this morning for a photo -- there you go. All is well -- exactly. As well there there there there hugging it and they've made peace. Collectively don't let him only what is the dad -- I want to try and -- -- -- one item looks like they're like brandishing weapons or something yeah you. It makes you understand Lindsey's decision expression as he apple doesn't fall far from the -- -- -- yeah they have screwed her up yeah. I feel sorry all right let's talk about Stevie -- she's apologized to making -- -- for the comments she made -- -- apologizing say that absurd for the comments as she said she would quote. Kill the would have killed American Idol judge in the -- -- what the -- -- Mariah -- -- statement to the Hollywood reporter she said she was quote truly sorry and -- Deep regret for the remarks that she made and they came at the end of a long exhausting day of interviews and -- of course drew mixes are higher after threatening fellow American Idol judge. Kerry saying things like off with your head and I'll knock you out. Systemax was basically -- how dare this little girl I've been Mariah walked over to making strangled her right there to death I would have killed her for all those people I'm gonna -- -- Let's see hynix I don't know tell -- relaxed but basically she's that happen. Maybe I should chose my words yeah -- -- -- people west Covington arrived defense. Well honey boo -- Okay okay I. -- don't want it is John. I'm -- I do honeymoon won't. Now has her own 24 hour body guard. After kidnapping threats. Apparently there's some sort of alleged plot to -- the seven year old reality star and -- was an attempt to break again at the honeymoon will household. In Georgia on August 27 and it was sort of -- believed. That that someone was casing the place -- future kidnap attempt. By someone that may be convinced that TLC would pay huge ransom for their new -- star because she gets paid twenty grand. And at. So my goodness and she's fascinating just. Watch much -- hear the -- difficult to look away and get right to let go away quite quickly beyoncé pulling out of the remake of star is -- with companies would do backing -- that would have been eyewitness pretty combination but yeah we got to pour out of the stars form remake with -- -- -- 31 year old singer I was due to a team of weather and basically just said. We couldn't get together we have scheduled a guy like Obama supporters I wanna -- anything to do with anything that share the empty chair still -- this comes.

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{"id":17449911,"title":"Lohan Family Brawl","duration":"3:00","description":"Lindsay Lohan and her mother get into an argument and police respond.","url":"/WNN/video/lohan-family-brawl-17449911","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}