So long 2017

We're wrapping up 2017 with highlights of some of the year's biggest headlines.
4:45 | 12/27/17

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Transcript for So long 2017
Welcome back. Welcome back fans don't think you and after a year of world win headlines. We're finally closing in on 2018. Yes and what we look ahead to the new year are also taking some time to look back at the moment that the finds 2017. Breaking news. No reports of multiple casualty situation of a shooting. An act of shooting situation in Las Vegas so all of this playing out just the last hour and a half near the Las Vegas Strip. More than 200 people injured I'm thinking in my get a dive the slaughter in that church behind. I saw bodies with a lot of luck this town is in complete shock. And. Sure just my family. All right between nine year old inspired by nicest views this rented truck plying in the crowd and and a prayer. White supremacist Martin veering toward. Hire the 32 year old who was killed we condemn this this display of hatred bigotry. And violence but many cell. I Donald John trump. Mac yeah back. He told the Washington Post your plan to replace Obama I want to take care of every. A major defeat for the Republican Party and president the senate voting against the so called speedy repeal of the bombing. At least twenty top officials have either been fired or resigned Tom price Steve Bannon. Anthony spirit would you ranks grievous Sean Spicer and of course general Michael went. I was fired. Because of the Russian investigation. It is ices the military believes that killed those four Americans. It was once again Kim Jung and flexing his muscle. But deadly explosion at an Ariane grounding concert a massive blast. Fees are encouraged. Oh I'm just plug it won't. The longest named storm to torture Texas now history and water's clarity to your kids we'll be okay. Because the hurricane or look for would comment. Unbelievable. Hurricane her mom is right over right now. Did you hear everything from an. Sonoma County overnight these fires are on the move is seen here is an apocalyptic. Now. Fell nearly thirty accusers and counted he kept coming back patent and then I just. Glad we're seeing person after person coming toward the list facing accusations. People who didn't. As a mistake and good night you guys won best picture and you heard him say. It's none let me know what to do. Disease. On football fields around the country. Players united in protest many kneeling others linking arms and their owners and coaches joining them to. Players sat in silent. Give our country stands living thing votes locked its freedom. Oh. Okay. Turn down the lights Jackson get a sense that turn up but let's see how dark it really is. Black hero isn't the most incredible thing I've ever seen you did such a great job ABC news had exclusive. Access to the great American eclipse. Thank you slept for its bid. Thank you do intend to stay up forego. I kind of yeah none of this just thank god that I went really means everything I can't catch going to be another winner since it either he. Being that I did not you know get to that site we didn't do what we did kind of see the eclipse here on set though C. That's yeah those are very high tech's best factory creation. About that. I had stick around the mix is coming up next.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"We're wrapping up 2017 with highlights of some of the year's biggest headlines. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"52013995","title":"So long 2017 ","url":"/WNN/video/long-2017-52013995"}