Long Lost Brother, Sister Reunited After 30 Years

Cindy Murray and Robert Williamson have reconnected and both serve in the U.S. Navy.
2:56 | 09/30/13

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Transcript for Long Lost Brother, Sister Reunited After 30 Years
Welcome to the -- story we just -- to report yesterday on world -- now long lost brother and sister parents separated when she was fourteen. He was sixteen years old she's stayed with mom he moves away with dad they don't -- each -- for thirty years it's amazing the story. They involved in less than a navy they're now working for the navy Californians don't even now wait until finally -- the power social media they find each other all these years later. There's a picture of them now when he finally reunited just a picture of them when they were still together. There she is her name is Cindy -- his name is Robert Williamson -- sixty years old. Separated because of the divorce finally reunited -- just absolutely overwhelmed with must take a look at. -- The greatest thing I -- firm for a long long time and and now serious. It's really created take a look at that because they're about in the navy saluted each other when -- first -- exact. She ultimately I think they still have to keep that discipline. How -- how weird is it that they've -- -- -- in the navy in nineteen. I'll wait us out -- that he's just simply the parents separated and never made an effort for the disease that's -- that there are now reunited and that's. Yeah. We yet another cute funny video baby belly laughing we've seen a few of these are new to -- Never never stops making up this is -- he's -- -- be six months old. His dad had to watch your mom's the one -- But that came up with something that got this reaction. -- -- -- -- -- I'm aware that -- Glove hand yeah. Yeah. But anyway that's little thing. You look. Jesus remained you're my -- -- I got it right and by doing this fight back to -- the -- back into now I was making it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is video it will -- your dreams for the rest of their -- -- and other real likable guy right KFC. Until -- put on the cover. Ketchup packet and then cut the very specific calls. That is scary that's pretty scary after a bloody -- and home man under the old thinking person calling him like that. Wow hey -- -- no good. God this is pretty interest in Philadelphia Eagles have new life. Cheerleading outfits designed by Vera Wang and her way very distinguished wedding designers will be I would -- saudis -- we're hoping that they wouldn't be too. -- -- -- Snipper yeah well -- Wang designing it she leaders right or she did a good job here thank you from the bottom of --

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{"id":20417240,"title":"Long Lost Brother, Sister Reunited After 30 Years","duration":"2:56","description":"Cindy Murray and Robert Williamson have reconnected and both serve in the U.S. Navy.","url":"/WNN/video/long-lost-brother-sister-reunited-30-years-20417240","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}