Madonna Takes a Fall

A fan grabs Madonna at a concert causing her to fall on stage.
3:00 | 10/24/12

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Transcript for Madonna Takes a Fall
Welcome back. Everybody read just one thing folks tend to love -- -- videos of celebrities falling in concert you've seen god god do everything we've seen. If someone wanted only a Madonna she was at a show in Dallas she's -- out to like -- -- and apparently she's coming down of the fans. In -- it along have a good time everything is going well but apparently what one audience member -- -- -- on her hand as he walked into the left here. And it's coming up here in the second she -- -- of a little vineyard. With the queen goes down he's the consummate professionals on this this show considers these games don't -- him that he was -- obviously nothing. Injured or had any grave danger but definitely all got him. Visit there on stage just a little bit about -- Elton John's music -- been yanked him out who knows. Material girl took a spill that she's okay like -- professional. Kept don't go and like a virgin. Yes she did this -- -- -- of the Catholic community center can't have had a famous. Already -- -- you know day in Prince -- is little stint in Vegas. The photos well there was one model. -- there is everything redhead she yes of course it's a great headline but she leaked everything and she. Pleasant shortly after she leaked everything that happened in this little. -- -- for whatever and in Vegas she was jailed swears he's. Spirits thank you I'm tired of fighting the monster drinks -- -- she was jailed for a month. For bouncing checks -- here's what happened she gives the interview. That night after it's published she's then arrested for a 2004 -- for bouncing checks an eight year old Warren she'd -- checks 20000 dollars worth. -- curves of failed business policies you know years ago that she's -- that's. The British secret servers over how are behind -- that's because all she ends up Sheila yeah president -- year -- Aaron. -- -- -- -- Neither player he embarrassed the -- -- come on you know that you're you're messing with the royal family and they're not to take that -- lightly there are so well there's another picture of -- sick from. All right -- That's how we are never hit show friends which ran from nine -- 42014. At least an eight years since it went off the -- And if you remember the -- -- of course Ross and Rachel and their relationship was kind of a central part of the show for all of ten years and in the end they get together but the creator of the show. David Crane gave an interview in the new -- box set that's out of the show it's actually the writers of the show. -- had considered the kind of leaving the ending. Open ended meaning kind of leading folks guessing but you know quote he said. We thought about a vague they are not together but there's hope for the future that we were like screw that people waited ten years for this let's give them what they want and let's do it really well they thought getting Indians getting getting them together the end was so. Expect in -- cliche then let's take a different route but ultimately gave the fans what they wanted Ross and Rachel together forever with. Daughter Emma could you. Imagined it any other way they had been we all like this that we complain about -- -- is happy ending and come on now we want to see Ross and Rachel -- -- politics -- -- -- still love your. --

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{"id":17550682,"title":"Madonna Takes a Fall ","duration":"3:00","description":"A fan grabs Madonna at a concert causing her to fall on stage.","url":"/WNN/video/madonna-takes-fall-17550682","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}