Malaysian Crash Called An Act of Terror

ABC's Tahman Bradley reports on the crash and the investigation of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.
2:48 | 07/18/14

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Transcript for Malaysian Crash Called An Act of Terror
Act of terror from missile shooting down a Malaysian passenger plane -- nearly 300 people on board. The plane was blown from the sky -- the Ukraine Russia border 30000 feet over disputed land. This morning both sides are pointing the blame each other ABC's -- Bradley begins our coverage of the crash good morning to -- to month. Good morning -- good morning -- the debris field is deep in territory held by pro Russian separatists complicating the work of investigators. This morning the FBI and NTSB are headed to help investigate the Malaysian airlines flight seventy disaster. Along the debris path the fuselage human bodies clothing -- all clues about what brought down the Boeing triple seven. All 298. People including three infants were killed when you see wreckage and people still strapped to their seats. Along a path of five -- miles like we have here. It indicates -- airplane most definitely split up higher altitude US officials say the working theory is that the plane was shot down by a surface to air missile. Officials are still trying to determine who launched the missile and from where but governments around the world say the initial evidence is clear not an action. -- -- -- This looks less like an accident. -- -- -- Investigators are trying desperately to get to the crash scene but it's controlled by pro Russian rebels who say they've recovered the plane's data and voice recorders and we'll send them the Moscow. An international team. Massa who excess. Food and crash site. And who won't and shouldn't into Europe. We the era. Full pool and he didn't -- Including. -- -- The rebels and Russia deny any involvement but Ukrainian officials claim they have evidence to intercepted phone calls including -- -- -- in which a separate a set the scene reportedly tells Russian military intelligence we have shut down a plane. In Amsterdam's airport -- the flight took off -- quarrel -- lump or where it was supposed to land desperate family members are gathering. We're still awaiting word about whether there were any Americans on board the UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting today they want to know what. -- -- -- -- Tonight you mention that the pro Russian separatists claimed that they have those black box and flight recorders. Is it possible they can Alter -- how much pressure do you think -- -- actually turn them over. So enormous pressure arena you know there's a lot of worry about the integrity. Of the crash site this is a crime scene but it's a crime scene in a war zone now experts say the -- can be altered but not without detection. And the other thing that everyone is worried about is the possibility this group may try to sell the black boxes hold them for ransom if you will obviously they don't want to see that happen. ABC's tomorrow Bradley live from Washington thanks so much -- --

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"ABC's Tahman Bradley reports on the crash and the investigation of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"24613901","title":"Malaysian Crash Called An Act of Terror","url":"/WNN/video/malaysian-crash-called-act-terror-24613901"}