Man Dances While Cleaning in Viral Video

Video captures man dancing while cleaning, when he thinks no one is watching.
2:57 | 11/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Dances While Cleaning in Viral Video
Time returns to the mix now video there's going viral 3.3 million views at least. And what is it this is but the risky business. Right. Without crews are swift for business is slow from this witness. Look and listen. Really this is this some still unidentified guy who was cleaning didn't know he's being recorded he's got music playing and he's in this news boxes and Greece are about to be. Civilian who end up. And I got in just an yeah he works out any clean. I can see where he has so many hits a lot of requested a piece. Announced Wednesday he's there apparently are Expedia dating. Sites dedicated telephone lines horses on days I know you guys are absolutely it's understood. It's even recommended by dating expert to hear some Connolly the hears things if the end of my son or lying that things you should over Mitt. Your exact jobs title for example he can talk about things that excites you about it with a few not so happy with your job how'd you know any mention your full name that I haven't even give you mobile mania that's your I don't know US CJ two initials we've known each other furlong it is partly our first date there's more your five year plan if you like kids at you funny moves. Think that after that don't have wishful thinking situation. You pick it preferences things you may not like he there's things that bug you don't mention it and you zip code that's interesting. Now what a day you apparently get to travel too long to go see. Agent lied about his a woman whether that list the heavily blue hand me one of those lies. Do you think James if you can. Different list it looked at the screen once again product that lives. Lot of highlights I get all this weekend you didn't see that's what folks check this young lady out flag football to stay with him then whether. Well who yes folks this is flag football tournament that was organized a Florida State in this video is getting a lot of attention to prevent young lady. Jessica doesn't ruin your right there and his team played soccer and high schools has gotten some athletic ability but everybody was pretty impressed by the moves ahead on this. The adequate funds like football are seeking an athletic women didn't let's check out Alan. Yeah. 100 years old this is why she decided to celebrate or flatbed. Ellen are obviously made it just step off the front she did it Saturday he hit and our 95 birthday today and why now. They say he should only got a keep going to matter what page views and Susan untrue. I think baby steps for a bad news by the time on 207. I they had let us. Not for me not permit William JYCJ. He's unemployment back right now like there is about to phones and we're not there yet but.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Video captures man dancing while cleaning, when he thinks no one is watching.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26801898","title":"Man Dances While Cleaning in Viral Video","url":"/WNN/video/man-dances-cleaning-viral-video-26801898"}