Man's Soft Side; 'Lin-Sanity' Ice Cream

Research points to men's softer side; Ben and Jerry's flavor sparks outrage.
2:55 | 02/27/12

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Transcript for Man's Soft Side; 'Lin-Sanity' Ice Cream
World news now delivers your morning -- Welcome back everybody this is a new study out apparently a survey by -- I don't know what -- you folks are doing commissioned surveys like because I don't agree with some of this but. This is what they're putting out there they're saying that. Modern men we are increasingly soft and women appreciate. Our softer side the research it was about a thousand women who were surveyed this admitted enjoyed listening to sappy love songs become choked up when someone gets voted off X-Factor. And enjoy watching the latest romantic -- 77% of women say they -- in favor of this change. But nearly a quarter say they wish sometimes they wish there you know every out of their their significant other what kind of man up so are are we meant becoming like. -- -- third and in touch with my feeling as. I don't know where you attachment here -- brown let me I don't -- -- -- get all choked up -- any reason or whatever that are dedicated to your -- -- about it let's get to. I'm still not describe any of the men. After getting my got a CD this is America this is tougher appears anyway OK so you know what's going -- just an -- and Palin didn't -- America. He's he's the new -- from -- that next is taking the entire world by storm. Anyways that Nigeria local Ben and -- shop in Boston had to apologize because. They released this new fortune. Cooking -- -- flavor so they've released the waffles that we're and it -- -- a fortune cookies. Of course they apologized and you know that can be a little bit. Have a racial slur and seeing me typically associate project that is -- yes it was really -- -- He is being in trouble with the chink in the armor I don't so you know these things phenom right now but -- gotta be sensitive sort of a cultural issues out there so monstrous guys -- -- -- -- a good candidate. It's something you have exactly the show actually likes to help -- cry -- together -- maybe we just hold me and sort of tell you thank you -- home home home -- another so much sooner watch allegiance. -- -- heck. Yeah Astoria the New York Daily News here apparently there was a flight from Baltimore -- -- to New York to Long Island. And the pilot when they give a shout out to it the mother of an air traffic controller. And used the term mom on board people want and passengers he -- -- bomb on holiday it's out. And kind of complained to some the authorities this -- we're not investigating but clearly he -- the -- -- bomb on -- I understand over the gets a gets a little. You don't nerve rattling so what it was -- -- on. -- OK so we a lot of telling things about men and women to AOL's -- releasing a new study this is DNA could play a huge part. And how much people argue -- there as a female divorce -- apparently out there that's a verdict Iraqi marriage. Identify women -- may start -- Telecom hockey left for sixth annual some facts until contracts he -- and I sent toxic Texan. It's only women -- process -- -- women are fallout from here and yet tell us pop.

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{"id":15798724,"title":"Man's Soft Side; 'Lin-Sanity' Ice Cream","duration":"2:55","description":"Research points to men's softer side; Ben and Jerry's flavor sparks outrage.","url":"/WNN/video/mans-soft-side-and-lin-sanity-ice-cream-15798724","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}