Mardi Gras: World News Now Style

ABC News' Rob Nelson shows off photos from his days in New Orleans.
2:56 | 02/12/13

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Transcript for Mardi Gras: World News Now Style
And and down into -- -- management. Yeah -- at. How. Good we had a little if -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- New Orleans native -- replaces around the world so what does -- little bit yeah. Anderson we got our hats are -- we got our means. -- -- A -- great vision badly after ten years and a great time. -- in New Orleans. You know it's a big part of the last two weeks my -- -- after all my time to. Could -- have refused to let down a list of great pictures to show writer what was going on 101000 since Clinton seems there -- -- -- Our only -- early shower and maybe. I want to read -- He's graduation I don't know that it had a run in the popular -- about them. That was that was -- -- quiet. Dennis black and another shot -- in the Braves don't know we have. And you. This secret Mosley goes on we have and I didn't think New Orleans and it's all about that he bluegrass is -- -- happened early this morning and that somehow. And it really is the greatest thing called the greatest free show on earth and it really is speeds are. Did you far New -- Let's say that to an -- thing at all about urban street had dropped innocent girls showing off their -- there's a lot of family stuff. -- going on -- lot of family parks and ultimately it's just complete to watch result could kill some of the miss Everett anyway but. God this is actually really interesting and I did not know -- that -- our religious content T yeah Ed Smart means Fat Tuesday by the way. Apparently it's the start of -- Ash Wednesday and I also noticed shrugged his that's what -- aftermarket -- tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and that's the forty days before Easter can solve the latency and that's -- you -- -- lot of -- again Thursday at your system and then. The letter yet that isn't it is. Yeah. We're gonna have to. Let's play for his 1837. And -- that was celebrated moment. They haven't haven't gotten old pitching seven that's another great tradition isn't good kid -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Strange and yes into the plastic baby inside -- competed in case you don't feel better.

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{"id":18473697,"title":"Mardi Gras: World News Now Style","duration":"2:56","description":"ABC News' Rob Nelson shows off photos from his days in New Orleans.","url":"/WNN/video/mardi-gras-rob-nelson-pictures-18473697","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}