Mariah Carey Unhappy with Minaj Joining Idol?

The pop star is unhappy over not being the only diva to sit at the judge's table.
3:00 | 08/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mariah Carey Unhappy with Minaj Joining Idol?
Welcome back everybody CNBC reporting some very interesting things about the ongoing search for new judges -- American -- here we told -- yesterday. They're telling that he -- not she is very close to signing a deal course Mariah Carey had already been announced as one of the new judges and -- apparently according to TMZ. Mariah hey happy about Mickey possibly signing on -- -- called up rob produces the show had some. And he works for them does she think she should be the only woman on that panel Kosovo's just saying look if he did he Moulton -- -- very. Heavy New York prisons because in the knowledge is from Jamaica queens and of course Kerry was born raised. -- -- Iowa and so we will see about that -- Mariah really not happy about having another. We've all heard table so we'll see that shakes out also TV reporting that it could be looking at on the west. You possibly join the judges' table as well but again nothing is a done deal just. Did -- just at this point a lot of spectacular. -- all the loves it here Kanye West with an open Mike that show. All right so the difference of 25 minutes Jimmy Kimmel announcing of course Jimmy Kimmel and ABC -- -- -- will now move to 1135. Is set up at midnight which is gonna bomb the Nightline -- 1235. This means that he's gonna go. Head to head with the Leno and Letterman who work collectively 127. Years -- all. Head judge Jim Wallace 44 -- the youngest didn't IDS -- seven network late night show but -- a lot of people think it. If she's the future of ABC friends for late night and then Jimmy Fallon is the future at NBC -- this kind of like getting a jump on the competition if indeed Jimmy Fallon does take over from -- -- In the future. -- usually just as telling the new generation of Letterman vs -- these children Jimmy and and -- you Jimmy. Kind of battle in southern Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy didn't -- -- a great part of his career ended in correspondents dinner and got to host CNBC the ratings are up so congrats to mr. -- here also. I guess congrats on the way to Katie Holmes because the divorce it's our Tom Cruise is now off final it is a done deal -- seems awfully sad using. Team seems to take months and months and months but apparently it's all done in New York Jets signed off on the final judgment Monday they are officially submits -- OK and it's sad news for any of you who are big fans of the officer you know. I do I don't seem too much when I did early on I did I like well the end of incite season nine. It's going to be over. They're saying that they're gonna try to go out with a bang -- -- -- the cast of the producers' desire to make this the final season of course has been missing since Steve Carell left. That's probably true they had a great run one of the funniest shows on TV some nice run guy's in trouble ended perfectly boarded up.

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{"id":17055078,"title":"Mariah Carey Unhappy with Minaj Joining Idol?","duration":"3:00","description":"The pop star is unhappy over not being the only diva to sit at the judge's table.","url":"/WNN/video/mariah-carey-unhappy-minaj-joining-idol-17055078","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}