Looking for “the match”

Meet the incredible 8-year-old and his mother who are looking for a blood stem cell donor that will save his life. ABC News’ Will Ganss has the story.
2:55 | 01/20/20

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Transcript for Looking for “the match”
At first glance to Kai on Howard looks like an ordinary sacking greater. Think he's fighting an extraordinary fight. Panning an eight year old single sale war years. A warrior with a super hero for among three a crumbled driving to Kai and two and a half hours from their home in union city Tennessee. To Memphis so peeking get monthly blood transfusions at saint Jude's Children's Hospital. They treat me how mom monitoring me thanks hanging like out there. What is sickle cell disease. It's been sickle cell disease. These red blood cells are not the nice rounds desks they're actually she'd like singles he's red blood cells become stiff and short. He didn't lead to stroke. And it can be very very painful. The transfusions help manage to tie downs pain. But what he really needs is a blood stem cell transplant from the registered donor. There is imprudent part of the DNA which needs to be perfectly you have to otherwise the assessments were even Nazis doing its best to facilitate that. But -- on is at a disadvantage. A twelve million plus donors are registered. Only 8%. 800000. Of these donors are black. 75%. Are white since there are so few black people don't eat eat and there's such a hard time. Finding a match. To tie and has been searching the national marrow registry for more than a year but he and mom are not giving up hope. That makes waxes want to do anything eighteen may and which is why jury is made it her mission to get the word out about the high on and people in similar situations. Even if not my fifth and not my sign I want him beanie back Dini family. Because I know what it feels like the way I know what it feels like to see hopefully if indeed a mixed view of the point where you really. Their message to register on V the match. You can beat it here well Ian and Mets gave me in the lie and sign. Register. How can you sign up head to a donor drive in person in person. Or beat the maps dot org can now you take you to swap your cheek and sending your DNA sample Oates is easy as that it really is that easy you mentioned Robert Roberts our friend at the top there and she talks about all the time obviously persist with the able to be the match for her and seen her life. Four this little man he is incredible. I just dancing like acting like everything's normal what I Skype to that he is eaten cookies and I was like let's put it could he doubt I know you have something important is saying this for spirit the spirit. I love does mother is still wanting to get other people involved even though he hasn't found his own yet right. Yes and it shut out I think Jesus -- that's so much for the kids there and again just to it bears repeating which is. What 43%. The less than fewer than a million are African American when it comes to potential donors and so. Get some awareness bare hand but it out there could be the match to thank you we'll be back.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Meet the incredible 8-year-old and his mother who are looking for a blood stem cell donor that will save his life. ABC News’ Will Ganss has the story. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68399082","title":"Looking for “the match”","url":"/WNN/video/match--68399082"}