Getting Ready for Swimsuit Season Early

Matt Maggiacomo of Barry's Bootcamp offers at home fitness tips to stay in shape during the winter.
3:45 | 11/15/13

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Transcript for Getting Ready for Swimsuit Season Early
Holiday season is here again and even -- summer is now a distant memory you don't have to let that beach body that we all -- had been distant memory is well. Matt -- -- -- fitness trainer at Barry's boot camp this year to -- some tips and some exercises that we can all do at home. With some simple equipment welcome -- of course -- you've got some really interesting tips and tricks to help the still. We do -- you know this summer is long gone so now it's time to prep yourself both mentally and physically for your winter exercises. Three simple things first to set a goal for yourself -- right. Get a photo of yourself maybe from this past summer or a from a few Summers ago you want to -- yourself is your own model. Something that you can reach attainable. Don't -- out. A picture of a celebrity from a magazine because again. It's setting yourself up for failure these people you know they have sex that can't count every single calorie you want -- -- yourself. I think realistic completely ranked second very important for these winter months pursuing your jogging outside and you don't seem to perspiration come off of -- -- -- -- -- the summer -- -- some people forget to stay hydrated. Our rates as a minimum need to make sure that you're drinking enough water. In order to make your runs longer your -- last longer and then you can really else that. Last tip third tip. Get yourself ready for your extreme winter sports and your fan -- interest were statements each all right and so. You don't wanna go to those that ski -- cold Turkey you wanna go into a -- like bears who -- And practiced these movements so you know we're -- in a controlled environments. Are -- -- shows a couple of demonstrations absolutely let's do it so the first one. Speed skaters straight frivolity seen hockey players speed skaters are simple enough near it is -- okay. Bring that rate lagged behind you bring that -- right arm. Over to the left OK -- can do a simple hop over to the other -- -- only is it today. Just listen to. Low impact low impact so one of your heat is on the floor at all times -- speeded -- -- right OK even though I do it like the fat smash and just like coming exactly -- getting a nice little letter includes and then as you speeded up you're getting that good card deal OK -- simple and what is when you're not gonna do -- -- -- this -- so this is -- -- we call them that house but I liken it to skiing moguls right. You're gonna use your -- is you're gonna bring drawing your knees and your chest. You grab eventually this again this is the simple home -- set up. So you just bring those needs in. From the left to right a -- left to the right. Okay plus the fine the last we can do to these are obeying the way down paragraph that blew this is just your resistance -- race -- those handles. Everybody's got these at home or at the local gym to be married cap at various groups and then of course this is part of our work out all the time carry. So this is for your -- all winter sports user core RA. You're laid down this year head is on that bench a cat IRA. Get the shoulders up a little radio looks straight up into the food to the feeling okay you're gonna bring that right hand over to that right knee hip hop and then to the left. Into the right. Into the left and this is -- those obliques and pregnant you're cooler this pregnant moms can do this all day long RA and that's a worker adds. You're ready again for that course straight strengthen your core for again any of these winter sports he and I the only exercise I'm gonna get over the winter is having this baby. I already feel prepared so thank you so much -- that not talk about one more time from Marysville campus fitness trainer there. Check came out he is amazing thing he once again he'll be right back with more world news now.

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{"id":20897550,"title":"Getting Ready for Swimsuit Season Early","duration":"3:45","description":"Matt Maggiacomo of Barry's Bootcamp offers at home fitness tips to stay in shape during the winter.","url":"/WNN/video/matt-maggiacomo-barrys-bootcamp-fitness-tips-20897550","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}