Maysoon Zayid: Finding the Humor in Her Disability

Whether being disabled or Muslim, no subject is off limits for comedian Maysoon Zayid.
4:29 | 04/22/14

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Transcript for Maysoon Zayid: Finding the Humor in Her Disability
The woman you're about to -- will make you laugh she's a comedian writer entertainer activist philanthropist the list itself is exhausting but nothing exhaust your -- -- getting people to see disability in a brand new light. An email from her recent -- -- seen by millions online. I got 99 problems and Paul Lee is just one. I'm Palestinian. Muslims. I'm female I'm disabled and live in New Jersey. May soon diet it's worked -- a comment for fifteen years. Contributor on countdown with Keith Olbermann just worked with Adam Sandler to break the red carpet with Susan Lucci -- was recently on the Queen Latifah show. First -- let's discuss this some point in your life you have dreamt of being the -- correct. You have -- -- I'm genuinely -- the mall it's Christmas evening driving around looking for parking what do you think. -- She's funny Smart and successful with the disarmingly earnest message about what it's like to live with CP. Cerebral palsy. -- -- -- -- Rangers in my disability was really not a big deal and it didn't ever. Fees me I was never made fun and it wasn't until I became an adult I realize that having this -- it was a big deal. When I signed when you're -- TV. Anytime that there was news -- And FaceBook and Twitter suddenly people started making -- me online people would you know call me -- -- off. People would call me retarded. -- -- Mason says she thinks her parents for the support they gave her growing up. My father is Montero was you can do it could yet fuel can can. My father -- -- and I walk when I was five years old. By placing my feelings on his feet and just walking. He would dangle a dollar bill in front of -- and happy she says. My inner stripper -- is very strong and by. She's also using her disability to create change in the entertainment industry and a reality as Hollywood. It is really -- at diversity she's encouraging movie executives to hire more actors with disabilities to please those parts in -- No I don't think that that's very good idea C. Because it because of -- they don't know Lucy. And I know Lucy because I'm her father. And how great would it be have a permanent presence of disability that can't be healed. In this world of fantasy haven't seen mainstream have -- be. A romantic lead that's what we do in real life why can't we be part of that world. -- actor and not letting CP holds him back is -- Jay Nady who played Walter junior on breaking that that character also had CP. -- that only to learn you'd be -- -- the way you do in this whole last year. I loved. -- maybe it was so great for the -- OK it was authentic he had the ability terror related to things that no other actor had. Rather than being recognized for disability may soon host on -- -- -- or even take her comedic talents. My goal is to be funny. But if there was the message and would be that. If someone hasn't disability. It doesn't define and that's just one aspect of their personality and make their race or religion -- Profession your eye color it's. Part of who we are -- it's not the entire. Package and that we really do need to be treated as equals. And accessibility is not -- pain and it's an obligation. The lady she's just -- silly. All really very little -- just got to really cool charity it's called -- -- kids. It's as she she -- a scholarship basically in a wellness program in the west bank for kids are blind deaf or -- he's a Palestinian children in refugee camps in the left hand and she goes there five to six times every year she's. Very passionate about her -- -- Just amazingly senator persons get the bust of all that stuff and just be out there and. And it's thanks for unmarried senior debt to -- I want -- -- -- to -- her dad -- -- and that impersonation he would miss you can catch up with.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Whether being disabled or Muslim, no subject is off limits for comedian Maysoon Zayid.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23418739","title":"Maysoon Zayid: Finding the Humor in Her Disability","url":"/WNN/video/maysoon-zayid-finding-humor-disability-23418739"}