Meet the Guy Using Bacon as a Barter

A comedian is using bacon to pay for his trip from coast to coast.
3:00 | 09/13/12

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Transcript for Meet the Guy Using Bacon as a Barter
I die I get a story that she could really sink your teeth into how much Sheila -- and love bacon. You know that commercial the dogs bacon -- -- Yes that's pretty much -- I think god. Family they definitely -- that they love what they can win the president. Let's put the things my platform OK so there's a comedian and his name is Josh -- and he's trying travel from. New York to LA. We've just bake -- 3000 pounds of bacon he's actually using it to barter a lot -- gas. Food basically everything that he needs to get from coast to coast Oscar Meyer is clearly sponsoring that I love he's gonna have no cash. No credit cards just a trailer -- -- Contradictory. From -- side to midtown Octavia couple pounds may have committed a funny -- -- actually I had his website he's trying to barter here permitted. I cab driver. Good bacon -- Lot of places men Bob Dudley do. He's worked for and make it there because he's trying to get them out by September to a what does that have I don't know -- and the. -- OK to classic tactic would be worried like how war. -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably -- a referred to his -- can. Taking and it refrigerated truck I -- imagine one that was dry ice pilots thought about library books and -- -- -- by accident even may be just sort of wound up attending -- -- he's -- a guilty don't wanna break a tackle. Yep Judy -- a nice and -- That is -- -- they have an amnesty program in Chicago that they just wrapped up it was called their blue moon anniversary of the moon amnesty -- -- -- buses anniversary and good luck for the month. And listen what they got back this is just a short window from August 20 -- and she's not my area and this is a library and think -- working those stacks -- -- nobody. 101000. Items are brought back in this -- a little window the library estimates the value -- tool million dollars that was a book that was returned. 78 years place. 78 years could you imagine a late -- on that. -- can you imagine. I love it OK so this isn't easy I would love -- get into our dumb criminal files are very good on a homeless man who broke into a car at about -- and I guess I'm just outside the Cleveland hotel -- are in Miami. And he -- the credit card from the wallet at which he found inside well. He decided to celebrate his little -- walked into the Cleveland bar ordered a Bruschi -- -- -- -- to the bartender. Well that card have to -- the bartenders. Credit card. Then and -- are currently only good idea come get this guy and you really stolen credit card get a bottle of -- some time -- -- they were right. All right Guinness book real quick tallest -- they have new -- check out this cat Savannah. Nineteen just well a new entry -- another one a dog. 336. Does it -- supposedly and last but not least is that -- people who -- not. It's a mammoth Jackson -- five feet one inches tall tell -- -- thanks to.

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{"id":17223684,"title":"Meet the Guy Using Bacon as a Barter","duration":"3:00","description":"A comedian is using bacon to pay for his trip from coast to coast.","url":"/WNN/video/meet-guy-bacon-barter-17223684","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}