Men Rank Where the Sexiest Women Come From

Single men from the United States think Colombian women are the sexiest.
2:54 | 05/15/13

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Transcript for Men Rank Where the Sexiest Women Come From
-- top -- the next pretty amazing -- we'll put up in the second. But Eagles may be the coolest things in the whole world that fly around. Two bald Eagles -- locked in a battle. Over -- portable things perfect place for two legal debate and it doesn't work out their -- locked up -- and they crashed to the ground. Proximate -- In Duluth Minnesota check it out and that amazing and lock their talents and millionaires they were sort of battling the crap out of my way. That Minnesota airport that could be separated before slamming into the tarmac. Anyway the birds -- into a wildlife rehabilitation center than a couple of blankets and jackets on the back and pick up and they -- held up by straps now. Then ruckus started in the truck as well and one of the murders jumped out and blew away should -- but the other one actually made -- TV saint Paul's raptor center and is being rehab. Right now all -- -- yeah. They hit made it all the way to the ground pretty okay -- -- -- -- -- way they will be okay wow that's a really cool picture. Now musical study apparently 44000. Single men and women here in the US west the same question what do they think is -- -- person or they found. And we have left a winner don't expect to see its place are women men answering some sort of X-Men find that women from. Columbia along -- yeah I -- Al-Qaeda sexiest and they are calling this the Sophia America are -- Because she's from Colombia should not the only beautiful woman from -- -- -- and -- -- -- and Shakira of course you also from -- -- -- -- Up -- believe this is interesting man also found that women for Russia. And we'll be and -- -- are also very attractive -- equal opportunity as long as you're hot. They're hot and women on the other hand think that British man -- very good Russian and British and thank British men really take a look at some of the brits out there. Hot hot hot hot James Bond and -- -- hot hot hot hot. And back up a couple of and nobody got just like back. Yeah that they'll. I don't know when. -- who do you always there are Angry Birds. The management. Just they honestly tell -- bright shade of red -- Angry Birds is no longer the most popular game apparently -- call sandy crush. -- -- It's now the most up famous game it's more than fifteen million daily FaceBook users worldwide download this thing. And it's overtaken Angry Birds most popular game -- top spot on FaceBook Ohio's android flag and just say they -- candy crush. -- -- Really quickly. At University of Wisconsin is doing its annual finals -- to listen -- the problems. Stressed that -- -- hat with a final exam and yeah. On this next spring.

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{"id":19181805,"title":"Men Rank Where the Sexiest Women Come From","duration":"2:54","description":"Single men from the United States think Colombian women are the sexiest.","url":"/WNN/video/men-rank-sexiest-women-19181805","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}