Michael Sam Gets a Television Show

Openly gay football player gets a reality show on OWN.
3:43 | 05/15/14

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Transcript for Michael Sam Gets a Television Show
Are welcome into the skin -- starting with the -- revealed how Michael -- had just days after being drafted by pro football the first openly gay player now the television's latest reality star Oprah Winfrey's network has announced it will produce a documentary series. Tracking -- journeys he prepares. For his first season. And in a statement Oprah says she hopes the series opens a dialogue -- his journey not only makes history. But shakes it forever -- -- dates for the series have been announced just. All right we'll someone has been fired over that -- security footage of beyoncé and her sisters to launch with daisy as well the tape hearings shows -- -- attacking. Jay-Z there. It's unclear whether the person who released that could face charges. But they may be able to afford a really good lawyer page six is reporting that the tape went for a quarter of a million dollars after being shopped around for five days another source told. For about a hundred prints either way other that the president's -- -- go wow. Are right now to a serious story here Kevin Spacey -- -- federal court officials asking that his cyber stalker remain behind bars get a house of cards are also wants the woman who pleaded guilty to stalking him to undergo intense psychiatric treatment she has been locked up more than two years and she was arrested in the case. Space says the only way that he and others can be completely safe -- for the woman to remain in custody. She will now undergo -- psychiatric evaluation and we'll be back in court in late July. Our silicon film festival has begun in France one in the movies debuting there as the festival opened was grace of Monica sounds like a good topic right Nicole Kidman -- the late Grace Kelly. All right well. Some other parent cell they can I get it kind of an understatement to say they didn't -- you -- holiday quote breathtaking. Catastrophe. -- Others called -- a quote frequently Cornwall the melodrama with a script that is agonizingly. Errol Louis and and try. Can independent movies and her performance was done with love she looked stunning in the Lafayette. Time magazine interview they kept it nice and simple things -- It's not very good you know it's got at all -- great setting. Guys great the only people know atomic I don't tell us how how can you blow the -- -- good actor -- what's your opinion on this. Jacket and Leningrad modality jacket recommending -- associate at the debt relief. Yeah send your mail -- Jack you don't like we've seen a lot of Lady Gaga over the years and pretty much every outfit imaginable and some may be that we never even imagined. Now comes a picture of her that could be your favorite of all time take a look this -- -- is wrapping -- out. The -- star of the show here is Lady Gaga as French Bulldog puppy Asia the caption of the pig as Asia's sleeps. -- rather it says -- sleeps with her mommy after -- SG. I'm scared you know this may have is my favorite Lady Gaga -- -- -- a start and only get half of Atlantic City related illness little. Well -- -- -- I want to kill as part of the show them I'm telling you should be. Very lovable -- -- all right should we check gotten blown up candles as Duisenberg thanks. Man who topping this -- list of celebrity birth faces a football player and it fit keeps turning 45 years old today football player Ray Lewis turns 39. And queen Elizabeth's granddaughter Olympic silver -- at -- -- Phillips is turning thirty every eight -- of Molly grant High School Musical fame turning 23 years old happy birthday to everyone.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Openly gay football player gets a reality show on OWN.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23727070","title":"Michael Sam Gets a Television Show","url":"/WNN/video/michael-sam-television-show-23727070"}