Michigan Primary: A Breakdown

David Muir looks at the Michigan primary results, and what's next.
1:28 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for Michigan Primary: A Breakdown
Don't -- -- stood before a crowd here a short time ago and basically told them we didn't win by a lot but who won here in his home state of Michigan. The -- again -- -- hopefully get this victory would have been a lot easier. It was close and perhaps too close for comfort but a win is a win -- he says he now -- -- two victories in both Michigan and Arizona. And we're now a week to go before Super Tuesday. Our campaign is you know is about restoring the promise of America. Let last week I I and build a very bold economic plan. That's gonna jump start the economy and at a city get Michigan Anders back to work it's gonna get Americans more jobs are crying out for and and I'm gonna deliver on. More jobs less debt and smaller government we got to hear that data -- There was concern here after this neck and neck battle with -- Rick Santorum. About whether Obama can pull this off in his home state of the big challenge of moving forward will be whether or not the -- team is successful. And -- the conversation back to the economy. This but I heard over the last 24 hours from senior -- he advises that they're determined to get it back there because they believe. The White House's biggest -- that Romney gets the nomination they believe it's resonating best. It comes to. Addressing the economy and a -- trying to pull. All the attention that the Santorum and the socialists is that dominated the news cycle for the last week as they now head in December -- Maybe -- ABC news outside Detroit.

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{"id":15814587,"title":"Michigan Primary: A Breakdown","duration":"1:28","description":"David Muir looks at the Michigan primary results, and what's next.","url":"/WNN/video/michigan-primary-breakdown-15814587","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}