Mickey Rooney Dead at Age 93

The Hollywood legend began acting when vaudeville was alive, and made films until late in life.
3:00 | 04/07/14

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Transcript for Mickey Rooney Dead at Age 93
All right now to some breaking news from Hollywood the passing of the screen legends. Mickey Rooney whose long career began as a child actor back in Hollywood's golden age. Has died at the age of 93 ABC's Linda Davis takes a look back at the man and his movies. -- -- Here. Two Oscars and 200 films to his credit Mickey Rooney was a Hollywood institution. People. In our business -- the -- as people in the world we're grown up children making believe. Still being children's saying hey you be the bad guy be that -- -- Acting was quite literally in his -- the -- of vaudeville performers Rooney got his start in showbiz when he was still in short pants. But it was the all American teenager Andy Hardy who got Rooney his big break. MGM turned the hardy family adventures in to a series of fifteen film's young can be found love with Judy Garland -- -- -- -- traffic. This violence and sensational they'll let it. And young Mickey found stardom in 1939 he was the biggest box office draw in -- country. There were a string of hits boys town and babes in arms. -- -- In 1944. He started and Elizabeth Taylor in national velvet. But clearly disqualified at the end when they find out -- -- girl. It was Hollywood's golden age -- and the best of times -- Rooney. But -- World War II intruded he was drafted and when he returned all grown up his career took a downturn. His movies -- And sodium seven marriages including one to movie star Ava Gardner Rooney finally found happiness with his eighth wife -- Chamberlain. And he found success on screen again in films like the blacks deluged with fast. -- -- -- -- -- -- Faster not -- -- -- -- -- Rooney won an Emmy for his role in the TV movie bill. -- in 1983. The academy gave him an honorary Oscar for lifetime achievement. Despite the recognition. -- felt cheated by Hollywood bitter that he was never able to capitalize on his early success. We didn't make big money in those days. I never made big money in my life and. And so out of necessities. And love -- acted until the end. When asked how he wanted to be remembered I -- just two words. I tried. Lindsey Davis ABC news. He -- -- -- it's hard for us being from a different generation to imagine how big he was yes. They say he was like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt rolled into one in 1942 he really was -- he and mean imagine this -- how big was Elizabeth Taylor she's still here right. She he. Launched her career in the national -- that he was the one that launched her -- he was -- -- -- of guy he -- -- to -- -- little -- By the way it was after those -- actor parents of his split up. That his mom moved the entire family to California and encouraged him to become an actor born in Brooklyn -- his last name was it you -- Joseph fuel June Jun 92 anything yet. Andy Rooney what -- a career.

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{"id":23217960,"title":"Mickey Rooney Dead at Age 93","duration":"3:00","description":"The Hollywood legend began acting when vaudeville was alive, and made films until late in life.","url":"/WNN/video/mickey-rooney-dead-age-93-23217960","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}