Mickey Rooney Remembered on Twitter

Celebrity fans react to news of the actor's death at 93.
3:00 | 04/07/14

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Transcript for Mickey Rooney Remembered on Twitter
We begin -- with -- we reported earlier Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney has died at the age of 93 reactions coming in from every corner of the show -- world. American Idol founder and Nigel Lithgow treated out one of the greatest performers of all time has passed adding there's only -- rather there's going to be a hell of -- show and having tonight. Actor William Shatner called -- one of the greats an author and rice -- that it was sad to think of him has gone but what an amazing like he left. But Atlanta has finally weighed in on David Letterman's big retirement news weather and joked that he and Letterman were quote got into the sunshine -- -- Broadway we're very excited about actually a good idea that they -- complex had been feuding since 1992 that last year Letterman told Howard Stern that they have made up. Ask do we think should replace Letterman as late show host Leno would only say there are a lot of good people out there. But when pushed to say whether he would ever feel -- Letterman. Leno would only say there's nothing to fill in these guys and -- -- for a long time. The -- retirement you're -- fantastic I'm gonna miss David Letterman not that I see a whole lot on this shift but it's he's. Here is -- is one of the classics to Canada and it was all about his timing the idea that his timing was fantastic I mean you listen Ellen and she's just like David blood pressure was -- is the happy too long and says that think it's just and it. Harry isn't that he left on his own terms that's what you like about I think that's great the great run and now he's saying -- -- -- He cried at last night's 49 academy of -- country music awards in Las Vegas George Strait collected top honors for entertainer of the year. Relative newcomer Casey must -- same trailer to park picked up album of the year. Last year's winners Miranda Lambert and Jason -- -- again best female and male vocalist. It was a night celebrating crossover as much as pure country featuring stars like to hear us and a rare performance from rockers. -- -- How very nine days got his -- as Lewis Brian and Blake Shelton continued the -- crossover -- Getting last coming out at one points. -- -- It's Jay-Z who finally know now we know. -- -- Because of the New York Times this weekend about his second memoir being released most of us are only good for one -- memoir but Rob -- -- To a second one complaining about being a good looking actor and. -- talked about the quote unbelievable bias and prejudice again. Against quote unquote good looking people. They get -- and pain or can't have rough lives. -- confess however that in his teen -- years he was quote so pretty I wouldn't have taken myself. -- we are not America -- as he is now finally getting. Painful roles and he loves -- he's always plus that guy I don't still looks like he'll talk about how good looking yeah. I think if it really -- -- -- next. Not only is this about a woman with no regret there's not even any recognition you see here is a very young John ten years before becoming a breakout star on -- and back in 1996. On a show called the big -- Here's what he promised to young lady named Mary Carter. Well. Start off with some fabulous food. Little fabulous conversation with a fabulous foot massage for an evening of total fat bill Austin top. Impressed by the way she doesn't have a guy this morning eighteen years later marry is married.

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{"id":23218797,"title":"Mickey Rooney Remembered on Twitter","duration":"3:00","description":"Celebrity fans react to news of the actor's death at 93.","url":"/WNN/video/mickey-rooney-remembered-twitter-23218797","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}