$2 Million in Bail for Sandra Bullock's Stalker

New charges for Sandra Bullock's stalker, who was found to have an arsenal of weapons.
3:41 | 06/19/14

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Transcript for $2 Million in Bail for Sandra Bullock's Stalker
I continue -- we begin with new charges for the stalking suspect accused of breaking into Sandra Bullock's home just a Corvette pleading not guilty to possessing an arsenal of weapons including machine guns. Police say that weapons were found in his home and he's now being held on two million dollars bail from Poland was home at the time of the break in just hours after appearing in award ceremony the suspect. Faces up to twelve years in prison. All right except Ben Affleck passing this time around Detroit welcome in the upcoming movie -- -- reports are that the 41 year old Affleck is spending his time in the casinos across the area Affleck is well known for doing his time at -- high stakes table. He was banned from blackjack tables at the hard rock in Vegas last month kind of rumors are that gambling is causing some strain on his marriage to Jennifer Garner but -- source. Close to their families -- garner has never understood bans gambling obsession and while she might not like get their relationship is solid. But he's not really go to those tables various. Arts and I do an adorable reaction here from Medina men's -- to a pretty embarrassing situations like this. OK here you -- and then that was performing at Radio City Music Hall when she suffered a more malfunctioned. It was quite a bit get a Jackson -- -- an audience member just kind of pointed out -- -- any worse. And thanks to a big screen. Should be able to check it out. -- -- It meant what I did -- -- -- getting the all over television. You're right about that -- Dina at the and she actually noted at least they're real yeah. -- -- -- -- When Katie Couric got engaged last September she said -- -- would be next summer well she's a woman number word she's getting hits this Saturday the very first day of summer. She and -- banker John -- -- -- in the -- here in new York -- a small ceremony with only family. We're told Katie will Wear wedding band set with two carats of potting diamonds as -- as five point five carat diamond earrings that her fiance. Has given her for the occasion -- Katie good -- -- -- Miguel not the father and of the marital spectrum bad news category. Finally official. The couple split about three years ago Lopez. We'll retain primary custody of their six year old twins as part of the agreement they've agreed to keep the kids away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. And neither parent gets child support. Are now for some royals news now -- the British -- Spain has a new -- this morning after an extraordinary transfer of authority King Juan Carlos. Stepped down after four decades on the -- passing the crown was 46 year old US educated son. -- -- The ceremony was pretty humble what a good looking couple and that new queen of Spain at -- TC. Used to do you want me. There may -- hope -- she was a well known TV anchor and reporter who met the king when she was reporting on -- story twelve years ago. From them aren't giving her time to take a look at which celebrities celebrating their birthdays today actor Atticus Shaffer from the sitcom the middle turned sweet sixteen singer Matt Moore turns thirty mind singer dancer Paula Abdul is 52 today and -- -- suicide she was shot she is 66. So looking gray hair and everybody out -- can. And you have love it can't be so -- good thing. Today have --

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{"id":24206856,"title":"$2 Million in Bail for Sandra Bullock's Stalker","duration":"3:41","description":"New charges for Sandra Bullock's stalker, who was found to have an arsenal of weapons.","url":"/WNN/video/million-bail-sandra-bullocks-stalker-24206856","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}