Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht previews last-minute gift ideas for holiday procrastinators!
4:37 | 12/21/16

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Transcript for Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas
I welcome back it was you know your shopping time is running out ahead of the holidays and if you need to grab some fast and last minute gifts. That are not gift cards of course we've got some ideas for you here to talk about it all is load factor toy insider mom blurry. Good to see you happy holidays you it's great to be here and we have some great things for kids of all ages let's start with something far littlest one start. Weevils to wobble but they don't fall down son says this is network one tree gas and these are normal to the tour comes and actually two characters will and his dog buster aha and it's all kinds of things coming on trapped. Check out my mentor swings we can though down the bridge and right through airline to the coaster over here. I mean it's just tons and tons of play for kids his youngest to and that was popular way back this day yes it was and the good thing about a we all is that it won't. Paul didn't want to let that F. But it. So it's perfect for kids as and his stamp. And as old as I am and as old as US let's talk about bad timing nap time because that's not always easy yeah isn't enough to go to that even when you're telling them we're gonna tell the historic resting. But now there's something brand new colts being tea house so weird looking and is due may cover and the hell out. Now what happened is we download the free app. And now is kids are reading the stories. The characters will actually come alive wow. Right in their bed sheets so now we see characters we see animals and butterflies and everything. And it makes the whole experience that magic filling uses augmented reality. It is a fabulous experience and hinted going to be running upstairs to their band yeah we can do that for us and son there to write our network. All right your ray and reading your Reyes little shout yes OK so this is Ralph spoons blaster also a great. Car we have lights. We have shed pounds and lacks banana partly take off the I had it on the floor. Hey hey definitely Antara are no question about it Alan I do expect that didn't just like this list them back. Seeing how we're yeah that's right on the yeah. Adler regret on the yeah. But that's about tourism every little. You experienced. I write he can never go wrong with arts and crafts and doesn't this once upon a cramped and what I love about it. Its two month. It comes on this story about this one is the front in the prince and it comes with two. Next free activities eat us OK so this woman be making a crown and then you have tons of pages to color and it's so easy to find you talk about a twelve dollar price will protect so. It's just a purpose of this or any child that he'd give for the nets you mentioned that it's so fun because not your kids have something to do so we love arts and Graham yes I. Let that makes is great sex can actually build and then play with and I lateral. While it's RN HL arena so the key to put you can't you see yourself yet he has snapped together you do we hear. Pieces together and it's got that on. The stickers for one of your favorite teams and need help we can play. Police are right anyone again you can no longer. I guess I'm not painless and leave here yeah ultimately gets and of course we can work our goalies so are a lot of hundred tickets to be playing the same time that. That's kind of talk that you didn't really (%expletive) right yeah. Aaron well a data ever solve one please. That nobody's learning and are now only can I don't quiet but I love it's in this room mixed race and it really challenges ask just like the yeah we shake asks Ben what happens is we can't catch happening here now and you would be on one hand tied behind the and that okay. And now we have this puzzle that we're sliding one of the suspension or in this game to naturally you see here. If you're the one that wins. Slim a dance. It looks to assist no it's the last time. I had and finally. Paxson miles from the hottest toy of the holiday season on cats is way added he had parents are going crazy would happen these little guys right now. Stores are restocking can't find the center revenues well you can if you look card concert is right on about them well Kristin hatch Connecticut's out yet to guzzle gas and taxes and open kids to raise it to be able and a toddler an ad turn factional camping. To advance I think he's an Oregon and Idaho on your lawn in the car and I are here in the toy insider mom you can of course get menu offers tips and ideas. That website so. That's what Libby and.

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{"id":44320058,"title":"Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas","duration":"4:37","description":"Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht previews last-minute gift ideas for holiday procrastinators!","url":"/WNN/video/minute-holiday-gift-ideas-44320058","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}