'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' Review

World News Now Digital News Associate Jayce Henderson reviews the film.
2:56 | 12/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' Review
I they had (%expletive) loads beat Michigan hello how -- -- we just saw that I was very shocking to me about your own homes and chip -- pushing the new Mission Impossible movie. That's what third place at the soft. I don't guess Democrat in America -- -- and thinks she had that a lot better than that is are. That humans associate. And Houston and -- still -- from Sandler the united side -- -- -- it -- she was dying because. It was really important for congress to do all of -- stunts in this movie most of his stock -- And -- one of them including him jumping off of the birds Khalifa which is the tallest building in the -- when you -- And I'm -- literally jump off like the 200 -- in -- as an actor if I was at that level you can never Pena enough money. -- deal announced on tonight. For the fourth installment in this series is called ghost protocol and -- And they're calling it that because I am happy agent Ethan Hunt -- played here by Tom Cruise. Is operating under cover to clear his organization's name after failing to successfully break into the Kremlin. His team played by Simon tagged him Paula Patton hall fight in -- race against time to stop a global terrorist bombing plot from freight cars and all of society. But -- let's listen to some moviegoers reactions. This is the most entertaining -- loan servicing technology and commitment. I think that's right yeah getting better. That's -- -- now I'm busy fourth street. Let god I don't think it needs its work force was really good and I like the aren't. Very clean you know -- It was -- -- living in Dubai and that was just amazing. You can't take movies like -- just. Seriously it was. I -- this movie for stars and -- So I'm actually going to raise that rating by one more starring give this film five. Well. Well I think it was a fantastic film it's intense but it's a good intense. It's great for the whole Stanley and and just to mention it opened an IMAX this weekend. Which I completely recommend never going to see it and because it's fabulous bit next regional open everywhere home theaters and most importantly Paula Patton look -- on just -- You know I didn't realize this is wary of Iran and then yes it is -- in the impact that -- -- pain that. I'm not about as good -- -- -- like to move real apples that. -- -- -- -- Cold -- -- having babies.

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{"id":15187058,"title":"'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' Review","duration":"2:56","description":"World News Now Digital News Associate Jayce Henderson reviews the film.","url":"/WNN/video/mission-impossible-ghost-protocol-review-15187058","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}