The Mix (12.26.12)

Store clerk sells New Hampshire man wrong million dollar lotto ticket.
2:51 | 12/26/12

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Transcript for The Mix (12.26.12)
Tighten down within next and I know a lot of families out there they were monitoring -- checking -- where he was throughout the day delivering all the gifts that you had two options this year. One from NORAD which were used to seeing corridor attitude of the Google for years -- apparently there was a problem because Google went on -- up. NORAD ended up using Microsoft and they -- to competing -- -- They were off it depends on -- what you -- following because you're at it in her home while Google had at midnight yours so yes. So you -- people in the same household. Two different computers following Santa is different times I mean I got -- magical lucky he has brought to get done but these guys seem to work together probably actually pinpoint where he's -- maybe it was like that I maps for all of us -- already have. Yeah hawking is an -- I can get used to this makes and the reason why is I've been trying to get this story on air here at ABC even. For the longest time now evident in the chair. Foreign -- you're not -- like this but I don't care because we are running this. Ladies and gentlemen I give you. One pound fish man. -- So so his name is Mohammed -- they're calling -- possibly the next gun gun style. He actually tried auditioning for X factors couldn't deal with Warner Bros. signed him to a deal try to get him to make. The UK's number one Christmas -- didn't quite get there but his video -- more than seven million views in just two weeks. Of course there's some unwanted attention it turns out he's visa had expired and British authorities have now said. Mr. Mohammed is here it's time to go home so there is a price and. That's just -- panel heard from someone -- faster -- -- good ending to one has a happy ending. There's a guy who -- two point one million dollars in the megabucks lottery and turns out. Visit the -- screwed up he -- Since play that runs into the night one that has faced the clerk playing the wrong game that -- -- into the circle K convenience store in New Hampshire. -- one of the lucky for life megabucks game. Turns out the -- sold in the tristate megabytes game. And seen one -- so yeah. Yes just changed go to Clark buy him something nice -- stars are aligned they are a line of all of this next one should be angry shaking things. The anxiety has apparently being angry and showing your anger is healthy -- here's your life there's a new study from university. Janet in Germany and sending 6000 patients isn't that hot heads -- -- you know you're -- Spanish and show us. Yeah fifteen years longer I love -- I love it.

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{"id":18064583,"title":"The Mix (12.26.12)","duration":"2:51","description":"Store clerk sells New Hampshire man wrong million dollar lotto ticket.","url":"/WNN/video/mix-122612-18064583","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}