Homeless Man Gives To Others

A YouTube prankster gives $100 to a homeless man, expecting him to buy alcohol with the cash, but he buys food for others.
2:55 | 12/24/14

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Transcript for Homeless Man Gives To Others
Are we to. Tara from the opening the common mixed up next leg so fascinating from an kick it out this morning apparently went. A homeless man. Always going to be the subject of a prank by a prankster without let me give money to this guy and see what he doesn't it not just any nominee let's let's show the video here he gives them. 100 dollars and you can see the man's shocked. There's sort of an ulterior motive he was an expose what this man might do what the 100000 out of lands on go to a liquor store they thought hot. You know this is what he does with the money but he was rocked. Actually purchased food at that liquor store took it over to a group of homeless people lol wow. And gave them some food lots of credible data that it now the prankster. Josh Taylor landed. Is actually raising some money to help this guy out hasn't received as such incredible turn of kindness that's. Very nice to focus on a lot of you probably miss the eighties. And you both know we are well let me tell that you're you're getting ready for play time the had to CAD obviously there's going to be an eighties proves. They leasing proves it's gonna have the likes of he would Lewis. And the news and Tiffany and only eighties artists that you didn't miss they're all going to be on the cruise and they're going to be. Take passengers back in time to experience music the movies TV fashion the celebrities. And every night and will feature one of the headline entertainers would guarantee. Seating for all it's gonna take you pursue some locations extend line. Saint Thomas but more importantly. Accident happened that was the eighties got to take place in 2016 so let's hope you loose to make a comeback. Complex critical stuff I read your that you can they have videogame competitions have good Maria Pacman back and that man forgot my country 64. Okay moving on we have got story about drinking on the job too late. Do like right now until playwright and I know this is true and they say you can actually up improve your creativity. On the job researchers say that. Not being drunk that being a little tipsy he can help the odds are there's actually of the year coming out to cornered this market it's called the problem solver. And it wants to help you need finite treated he got them back in the bottle and actually has a scale it if you drink this she kept an outline here. Training going a little bit dipping down you know that's the theory behind this would be hard. Fascinating video in China where and Austrians went for a run. Highway there. This is and one of the busiest highways in this city in gingerly in China. It was recovered moments later buys me authorities but this Oscar just went for a run apparently the reason why he's kept an apparent. With a female ostrich alone I don't that'll happen in Canada highway any day she nagging him minds about I understand rather than to run to.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"A YouTube prankster gives $100 to a homeless man, expecting him to buy alcohol with the cash, but he buys food for others.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27820248","title":"Homeless Man Gives To Others","url":"/WNN/video/mix-homeless-man-27820248"}