Mom Pulls Off Epic Thanksgiving Prank

One mom fooled her daughter by putting chicken in place of stuffing inside of their Thanksgiving turkey.
2:53 | 11/28/14

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Transcript for Mom Pulls Off Epic Thanksgiving Prank
Our rights let's jump right into the mix and let me first start with the best. Thanksgiving Day prank ever OK imagine this yes your mom here at home you're cooking Thanksgiving Turkey what kids get involved sea sick daughter. Going there in school about the stuffing the Turkey. OK take a look at what happened. I'm yeah. Sea bass. It's up baby turkeys inside the Turkey see things that Turkey was. Write him off that the ring yeah look at her sister. They're all about bad chicken. They don't make many terms. It all up again while she's trying to sell me a OK but Larry look at those like kids about cracking up my. From last year but it's such a good price eight nobody one point two million hits. We don't you I'll just this year incredibly. That was pretty bad. Not about what I think top -- time now for a Friday and remakes of the public. Break the doors down joined the patterns help out stories that in the black athletes in the Black Friday Pope. Come on shoppers out in. That is a Black Friday hoped. You'll help our economy by spending all your. Too bad none of this junk isn't area in the US say. Stars and stripes still with me waving their flags made in daisy Lawler in the Black Friday Pope John. A plasma TV's real easy to help toys to help you can't backs the Black Friday Paul. Better not mess with me take that kid and grabbed his week. That's the Black Friday pulled. Spend your money now in bed and early Christmas drill us next year will. Karl Bonn have helped their balance. Underneath the Christmas tree a brand new colonoscopy. It's the Black Friday Pope. Stores open at 5 AM here's what you should do. When this poll this pennant run dry out and join the cute movie like stuffed sheep goats and day then resell it. The Black Friday. Ready sacked. Joseph. It just.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"One mom fooled her daughter by putting chicken in place of stuffing inside of their Thanksgiving turkey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27231903","title":"Mom Pulls Off Epic Thanksgiving Prank","url":"/WNN/video/mom-pulls-off-epic-thanksgiving-prank-27231903"}