A Mouth-Drawn Comic Book

Comic Con features an artist who draws with a pen in his mouth.
2:54 | 07/29/14

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Transcript for A Mouth-Drawn Comic Book
Welcome back to -- up a mixed this morning where a story that really raises eyebrows gives us a dose of inspiration for this Tuesday take a look at comes out at comic con. In San Diego that comic conference this is disabled artists. Where that line of comics that he designs and colors and tones with his mouth -- retailer -- line as a voice in the dark. Scott already has -- number -- series is out so far it started in November he's got five more issues comment. In September. Look at that -- no -- that. I was like that without well skilled. Anybody that with my. That's a great story what. There's another prankster prankster on you to. -- -- It is the -- -- -- -- he decides to hold an arm wrestling competition with two homeless people and a prize was a hundred dollars and India and the prankster. Ends up getting surprise ridiculous at -- Bruno. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can make -- -- a guy on the left ended up winning the -- but he decides to split it. 5050 with the other homeless man puts this guy there in the black -- the prankster. An absolute off. Secretly had planned to give the other -- fifty dollars but the joke ended up being on him incredibly enough some people who have beliefs are often the most generous telling us that -- memorable. Yep sure we're moving on this is a pretty high raising warning from an Ivy League professor. And holder of two Ivy League degrees this morning -- headline please don't send your kids to the Ivy League. Check this out the guy's name is William Baer showed us he wrote -- not bad in the business insider he said basically sending your kids an Ivy League. It adequately prepares them for real life they turn out miserable -- was -- zombies. He says they may be Smart talented and driven but they're also anxious Tenet and lost ballerina would you -- -- -- -- everybody. -- you know I've always he doesn't everybody want to -- go to ironically that's another reason why didn't he believed that human reason why didn't -- But but no I think he's -- former ideally professor so he's probably seen it -- and -- -- that come out. I'm a part of the Ivy League at fifty. I think good determinant of your success is not the school you go to very out -- -- that that's okay. We'll last -- what ahead is a five and a half month old baby Emerson. Take a look at his reaction every time bombs -- was -- house. Yeah yeah everything. Laughs and giggles. Everybody can -- an analyst and may have won the -- cigarette and six billion hit.

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{"id":24753481,"title":"A Mouth-Drawn Comic Book","duration":"2:54","description":"Comic Con features an artist who draws with a pen in his mouth.","url":"/WNN/video/mouth-drawn-comic-book-24753481","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}